Modified Spanish Program

Modified Spanish Courses for At-Risk Students

(Permission of Instructor Required)

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers a modified Spanish Language sequence (1001-1004) for at-risk students. The courses in the sequence have been modified to make them more readily accessible to students who have diagnosed learning disabilities and to students who have demonstrated that they have significant difficulty learning a foreign language. The premise of this program is that both at-risk foreign language students and students with diagnosed learning disabilities can learn foreign languages when the courses are adapted to meet their special needs.
These courses use the same textbook as in the traditional course sequence but employ a different approach. This approach is multi-sensory and highly structured. It includes more repetition and review and offers explicit explanations (often in English) of grammar and pronunciation. It also attends to affective issues and teaches students how to learn.
Students who have a diagnosed learning disability or who have experienced significant difficulty in foreign language may seek enrollment in this Modified Spanish Sequence by contacting Ann Borisoff.
Or you may contact the director of the Department of Disability Support Services. Prior to enrollment, students must sign a detailed written agreement specifying rules for attendance and class participation.


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