Undergraduate Students

BS in Geographic Information Science and Technology

Our modern civilization consumes ever-increasing amounts of geospatial data. Creating information out of this torrent of data requires broad education and technical skills. The B.S. degree program in Geographic Information Science and Technology at ECU can provide you this cutting-edge combination and open the doors to an exciting career. Click here to check out the course requirements for the GIST B.S. degree.

You can also earn a certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) whatever major program you are in, to get the breadth and intensity to launch your career or start a new one. For details, click here for the requirements to obtain the GIS certificate.

Graduates with GIST specialty are sought in these and many other fields: Cartographer/CAD Analyst, Imagery Intelligence Analyst, Site Location Analyst, GIS Database Administrator, Internet Mapping, Specialist Photogrammetrist, Field Mapping Specialist, Map Library Services, Transportation and Logistics, Intelligence/National Security, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Health, Emergency Management, Environmental Management, Coastal Management

See the current Undergraduate Catalog for details on the Geographic Information Science &Technology BS degree.


  Karen Mulcahy
  Scott Wade
  Yong Wang
  Sangwoo 'Marty' Sung
  Rob Howard (non-teaching faculty support)