Geography Graduate Profiles

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Geography Graduate Profiles 




Lee Armstrong

Education: B.S. in Meteorology minor in Environmental Science, NC State University, Raleigh NC

Interests: Tropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, global oscillations, climatology, mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology

Thesis: Interaction of Basin Wide Climate Oscillations on Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Track

Committee: Dr. Scott Curtis (Advisor), Dr. Tom Rickenbach, Dr. Rosana Nieto Ferreira

   Lee Dicky Armstrong




Jaclyn Catania


Education: B.A. in Geography and Global Studies minor Geology, Hofstra University, Hempstead NY, 2013

Interests: Coastal geography, GIS, human-environmental interactions

Thesis: TBA

Committee: TBD


Kelsey Gregg

Education: B.A. in Geography minor in Environmental Studies, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY, 2013

Interests: Sustainable planning and development, environmental impacts and policy, energy, climate change, GIS

Thesis: TBA

Committee: TBD


Calvin Harmin

Education: B.A. in Geography, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY, 2009

Interests: GIS, human-environment geography, water resources issues, industrial animal farming (CAFOs), political ecology

Thesis: TBA

Committee: TBD


Mitch Haynes

Education: B.S. Geography, Earth Science, Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, 2013

Interests: Geomorphology, remote sensing, GIS

Thesis: TBA

Committee: TBD


Jamie Heath

Education: B.S. in Applied Geography minor in Urban & Regional Planning and G.I.S. Certificate, East Carolina University, Greenville NC, 2013

Interests: Environmental planning, environmental justice, sustainable cities, land conservation

Thesis: The North Carolina State Wildlife Action Plan: Barriers to implementation and strategies that planners and ecologists can use to work together in the Tar-Pamlico water basin

Committee: Dr. Traci Birch (Advisor), More TBD

   Jamie Wheeler-Heath

Christopher Lawson

Education: B.S. in Urban/Regional Planning, East Carolina University, Greenville NC, 2012

Interests: Economic development, economic growth, tourism development, rural development, downtown revitalization, zoning, coastal planning, transportation planning, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeastern United States, wetlands, human capital, silent violence

Thesis: TBA

Committee: Dr. Jennifer Brewer (Advisor), Dr. Holly Hapke, Dr. Misun Hur


Holly Lussenden


Education: B.S. in Meteorology/Climatology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE,  2012

Interests: Meteorology, social science, societal impacts in meteorology, hazards

Thesis: Geographic Differences in Emergency Management Decision-Making: A Case Study of Severe Weather in the Midwest

Committee: Dr. Burrell Montz (Advisor), Dr. Scott Curtis, Dr. Viva Reynolds


Alex Moulton

Education: B.S. in Geography minor in Geology, University of West Indies, Mona Jamaica

Interests: Rural livelihoods, sustainable development, fisheries management, climate change

Thesis: Vulnerability and Resilience Among Small Farmers in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Committee: Dr. Jeffrey Popke, More TBD

   Alex Moulton

Mark Nissenbaum

Education: B.S. in Applied Atmospheric Science, Certificate in GIS, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 2013

Interests: Tropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, forecasting, radar and satellite meteorology, mesoscale and synoptic meteorology, severe weather, seismology, volcanology

Thesis: TBA

Committee: Dr. Rosana Nieto Ferreira (Advisor), Dr. Tom Rickenbach, more TBD


Zachary Oyer

Education: B.S. in Marine Science, Texas A&M University at Galveston, Galveston TX

Interests: GIS, coastal hazards, wastewater utility vulnerability

Thesis: Wastewater Infrastructure Vulnerability to Coastal Flood Hazards: Manteo, New Bern, and Plymouth, North Carolina

Committee: Dr. Tom Allen (Advisor), Dr. Thad Wasklewicz, Dr. Montz


Kathryn Reavis

Education: B.S. Applied Geography minor Geology and GIS Certificate, East Carolina University, Greenville NC, 2012

Interests: Terrestrial laser scanning, geomorphology, environmental hazards

Thesis: Assesment of Debris Flow Hazards in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ

Committee: Dr. Thad Wasklewicz (Advisor), Dr. Burrell Montz, Dr. Paul Gares


Mayra Roman-Rivera

Education: B.A. in Geography minor Anthropology from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus (UPRRP), San Juan Puerto Rico

Interests: Coastal Geomorphology,GIS, Remote Sensing

Thesis: Spacial and Temporal Evaluation of Dune, Beach and Nearshore Bar Interactions at Cape Cod, MA

Committe: Dr. Paul Gares (Advisor), Dr. Tom Allen, Dr. Thad Wasklewicz






Brian VanderJeugdt

Education: B.S. in Environmental Science minors in Chemistry and City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC, 2011

Interests: Smart growth, transportation planning and policy, environmental planning, GIS

Thesis: Transportation Aspects of Smart Growth in the Research Triangle Region (NC): Current Conditions and Future Prospects

Committee: Dr. Jerry Weitz (Advisor), Dr. Mulatu Wubneh, Dr. Olga Smirnova (Political Science assistant professor)

   Brian VanderJeugdt

Elliot Wickham

Education: B.A. in History minor Geography, East Carolina University, Greenville NC

Interests: Water quantity and quality resources, water planning and policy, droughts and climate change, hydraulic fracturing

Thesis: Urban Water Management and Potential Future Stressors: A Case Study of Raleigh-Durham, NC

Committee: Dr. Burrell Montz (Advisor), Dr. Paul Gares, Dr. Tom Rickenbach


Christopher Zarzar

Education: B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Carolina at Asheville, Asheville NC, 2011

Interests: Mesoscale meteorology, hydrometeorology, societal impacts of weather, GIS, tropical meteorology

Thesis: Development and Spatial Analysis of a Precipitation Organization Climatology for North Carolina


   Christopher Zarzar









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