Geography Internships

The Internship in Geography (GEOG 4803) allows geography majors to apply their geography skills in a professional work environment as they prepare for their careers. Students must complete 180 hours of work with a sponsoring agency to receive three (3) credit hours, or 60 hours of work per credit hour. One and two credit hour courses are also available (GEOG 4801 and GEOG 4802), but most students opt for the full 3 hours of credit. Three internship credit hours are required for the BS degree in Applied Geography;internship credits are optional for the other degrees in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment.

Before seeking an internship, students should meet with the Geography Internship Coordinator to discuss placement opportunities, course requirements, the internship contract, and professional conduct. In addition, it is helpful for the student to begin exploring internship opportunities two semesters prior to placement since many of the most exciting internships require that applications and references be submitted by a deadline. For example, summer internships with the State of North Carolina YAIO Internship Program and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency both have application deadlines in the prior fall academic semester. 

Internship placement opportunities abound, and students are encouraged to seek placement with an agency that can accommodate their interests in geography. While internship opportunities exist year round, summer internships should be explored since there is a greater range of summer placement opportunities and students are usually more flexible with regard to summer travel and living arrangements. Examples of past sponsoring agencies include:

Students are encouraged to research and contact potential sponsoring agencies on their own. If students have trouble finding an internship sponsor, they can seek help with placement from the Geography Internship Coordinator. Either way, the internship must be approved by the Geography Department Coordinator and the Department Chair before the student begins internship work. 

For more information, contact: 

Scott Wade 

Internship Coordinator 

Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment 

Brewster A236