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Geography Departmental Colloquia


Spring 2015


Friday January 23, 3:30pm in Brewster C-206

Mr. David Hill, NC State University College of Design

"Coastal Dynamics Design Lab: Recent Work"

Friday February 20, 3:30pm in Brewster C-206

Dr. Eduardo Leorri, ECU Department of Geological Sciences

"Coastal marshes, sea level rise, anthropogenic impact, and some notes about carbon sequestration"

Friday March 20, 3:30pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Matthew Parker, NC State University Dept. of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Science

"Tornadoes in theory and tornadoes in NC"

Fall 2014

Friday December 5, 3:30pm in Brewster C-206

Mr. Adam Short, Planning Director - Kinston, NC

"The Kinston, NC Redevelopment Story - Ongoing Projects and Implementation Tools"

Friday November 7, 3:30pm in Brewster C-206

Dr. Marcelo Ardón, ECU Department of Biology

"The Leading Edge of Climate Change: Effects of Saltwater Incursion on Freshwater Wetland Ecosystems"

Friday September 12, 3:30pm - Brewster C-206

Mr. Tony Rice

"What happened to Mars' Atmosphere? NASA missions look for answers"

Friday October 17, 3:30pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Jessica Whitehead

"Facilitating Discussions on Community Resilience with the Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenario (VCAPS) Process"

Friday November 7, 3:30pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Marcelo Ardon-Sayao

Title is TBA

Spring 2014

Friday March 28, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Anantha Aiyyer

"Origin of African Easterly Waves: A Survey of Recent Paradigms"

Friday March 21, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Hamish Rennie

"Effects based planning in New Zealand - The Holy Grail for Planners?"

Friday January 24, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Dean E. Carpenter, D. Env.

Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership

"An interim evaluation: A decade of science & technology coordination in the Albermarle-Pamlico National Estuary Parternship"

Friday February 13, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Jennifer Pharr Davis

Blue Ridge Hiking Company

"The Emotional Conservationist"

Friday March 28, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Anantha Ayyer

Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Science, NC State University


Friday April 25, 3:00pm - Brewster C-206

Dr. Zhen Zhu

Department of Engineering, ECU




Fall 2013

Friday September 20, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Mr. Les Still
WCTI-12 Meteorologist, New Bern, NC
"The complexity of forecasting in eastern North Carolina"

Friday October 18, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Tom Allen
Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment, East Carolina University
"Introducing the North Carolina Coastal Atlas'"


Friday November 1, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Ms. Joyce Friedenberg
USAID, Washington D.C.
"The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) - Who We Are and What We Do'"


Friday November 22, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Enrique Reyes
Department of Biology, East Carolina University
"Regional Ecological Impacts of Sea Level Rise: Breaking the Law in North Carolina"

Fall 2012

Friday September 28, 4:00pm Brewster D-202

Dr. Burrell Montz
Department of Geography, East Carolina University
"Winter Weather Woes: Networks, Nodes, and Needs in School Decision-Making"


Friday October 19, 3:30pm Brewster D-202

Dr. Michael O'Driscoll
Department of Geological Sciences, East Carolina University
"Shallow aquifers and surface water connections: Implications for coastal water quality'"


Friday November 30, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Misun Hur
Planning Program, Department of Geography, East Carolina University
"Transformed urban social morphology in the era of housing crisis...?: A case study of Cuyahoga County, Ohio'"



Spring 2012

Friday January 27, 4:00pm Brewster D-202 (co-sponsored with the Center for Sustainable Tourism)

Dr. Kelly Bricker
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, University of Utah
"Exploring Fijian's sense of place after exposure to tourism development"


Friday February 3, 4:00pm Brewster D-202

Dr. Elizabeth Havice
Department of Geography, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"Mainstreaming environment and development at the WTO? Fisheries subsidies and the elusive 'triple win'"


Friday March 23, 3:30pm Brewster D-202 (co-sponsored with the Center for Sustainable Tourism)

Dr. Keith Debbage
Department of Geography, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
"The economic geography of the tourist industry by U.S. metropolitan area: Can tourism leverage the creative class?"


Friday April 20, 4:00pm Brewster D-202

Dr. Jeff Popke and Dr. Scott Curtis
Department of Geography, East Carolina University
"Bridge over troubled water: Linking physical and human geography epistemologies to assess climate change and agriculture in Jamaica"

Fall 2011

Friday September 16, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Dan Marcucci
Department of Geography, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
"Bridging Environmental and Transportation Planning: Lessons from the Mid-Currituck Bridge Project"

Friday September 30, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Hua Liu
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
"Enhancing temporal resolution of satellite imagery for public health studies: A case study of West Nile Virus outbreak in Los Angeles in 2007"


Friday October 21, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Mai Nguyen
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Friday November 4, 4:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Wenhong Li
Duke University, Durham, NC
"Summer Rainfall Anomalies over the Southeast US"

Spring 2011

Friday January 21, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Rodger Lentz, AICP
Director of Planning and Development Service, Wilson, NC
"Revitalizing Wilson's center city: A planning and economic development challenge"

Friday February 18, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Qingfang Wang
UNC Charlotte Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and UNCC Urban Institute
"Ethnic entrepreneurship, immigration, and place: From a multi-scaled and comparative approach"

Friday March 18, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Tom Birkland
WIlliam T. Kretzer Professor of Public Policy, North Carolina State University
"Will we ever learn from disasters? Disturbing trends and hopeful signs"

Friday April 1, 3:00pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Tom Rickenbach
Department of Geography, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
"Monsoon in the Americas: Comparing water resource strategies in the western U.S. and in southern Brazil"


Fall 2010

Wednesday September 8, 3:30pm Brewster B-102

Dr. Jennifer Mandel
Director of Research and Evaluation, Internews Haiti
"Disaster Relief, Recovery, and Community Response: The critical role of Information in Haiti"

Friday October 22, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Dr. Keqi Zhang
Florida International University, Co-Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research, International Hurricane Research Center
"Nonlinear Sea Level Rise Inundation and its Policy Implication for South Florida"


Friday November 12, 3:30pm Brewster C-206

Dr. John Kupfer
University of South Carolina, Department of Geography
"Linking floodplain inundation modeling to ecosystem patterns and processes in southern floodplain forests"
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