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Remote sensing through all its myriad platforms, sensors, targets, images and end-users affords pioneering science, sustainable resource management, and vital educational roles in our society. As one of the fastest growing and populous states, North Carolina faces immense challenges to manage land use and land cover changes, forests, agriculture, and aquatic resources, as well as contending with widespread invasive species, rising sea-level, coastal shoreline change, and potential disasters. Many remotely sensed datasets have been acquired in the State for these purposes by individual institutes under their mandates to achieve specific research or mission objectives.

As part of the USGS nationwide program AmericaView, North CarolinaView (NCView) has been organized with the purpose of uniting individual institutes of North Carolina to advance remote sensing education, research, and application within the State.

NCView enables remote sensing data users in North Carolina to:

  • Utilize a more efficient and effective means to locate, access, and retrieve existing and future remotely sensed data and applications statewide,

  • Develop and enhance collaborative relationships of academic, federal, state, county, city, and public and private sector users, and

  • Further the use of remote sensing in North Carolina to address critical issues the State faces, with emphasis on land use and land cover type change, and environmental and coastal resources.