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The Geography Department at ECU is very diverse, providing a number or areas in which students can focus. For instance, through the BA in Geography and the BS in Applied Geography, those interested in environmental issues can learn about the physical and human components of such topics as coastal and river processes, water pollution and its relationship to land use, and sustainability of environments and development in different locations. Those interested in societal issues can study urban processes, global interactions, and regional differences, social justice, and many others. If you are interested in weather and climate, consider the BS in Applied Atmospheric Science. If you like computers and want to use your skills to solve real world problems, the BS in Geographic Information Science and Technology provides the perfect major for that. And, all communities need planning, relating to land use, housing, transportation, and economic development. If you think that is for you, consider the BS in Urban and Regional Planning.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Geography

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Geography

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Atmospheric Science

The Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning

The Geography Honors Program

Undergraduate GIS Certificate Program

Undergraduate Minor in Atmospheric Science

Undergraduate Minor in Geography

Undergraduate Minor in Coastal and Marine Studies