Tatjana Goodman

Tatjana Goodman. I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but when I was two years old my parents decided to move to Germany. I grew up in Bochum and finished school there when my parents decided again that it was time to go “home” to Slovenia. Needless to say, home for me then had been Germany, where I had made friends and a new life. Back in Slovenia, I began my university studies, made new friends, and decided to major in foreign languages—German and English—my two favorite subjects in school.

While living in Germany, I had already started working as a tutor, and I continued this practice in Slovenia, gaining experience in adult education at various private language institutions and community colleges. I brought my teaching style with me from Germany, where the classroom atmosphere is more relaxed. Students and teachers show respect for each other, but we also work hard to get the job done.

During my university studies, it was great to work as a teacher because I did something that was fun and I always had enough money, too! I made a lot of friends and some of them came to me years later to tell me that when we first met they could hardly say “Guten Tag” in German, and now they are quite fluent. Responses like these are what get me out of bed in the morning. It feels like a great accomplishment to me (not just to them), to know that my former and current students have come so far. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to know that I have changed or influenced people’s lives in this way. I hope that I can open up your eyes to new cultures and new adventures.

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