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Options and Benefits

At East Carolina you can major (BA in German or German Education) or minor in German. You can also do what many of our students do: You can major in German and another discipline of your choice to give yourself a competitive edge over your classmates.

Being conversant in another language and culture is what employers want today, and we German faculty are happy to help you achieve your academic and career goals. How do we do that? For one, our faculty to student ratio allows us to mentor students interested in studying or working abroad. Because we know you by your first name, we are able to tailor your studies to your personal needs, even as your academic plans evolve over the course of your academic career.

Want to study in a country where German is spoken? We and our colleagues in the Study Abroad Office can help. And thanks to an exchange agreement between the German state of Baden-Württemberg and the University of North Carolina system, studying in Germany couldn't be any easier – or cheaper. Want to meet German speakers closer to home? We can help there, too. Our weekly German club meetings draw participants from the university and the community at large, and we often travel together to events of interest, such as an international film festival in Richmond or Oktoberfest in nearby New Bern. Want to practice your German in a local school or business? How about an internship? Want to work in Germany or obtain a grant to study there? We'll help you there too. Whatever your interests, our proficiency-based instruction and wide range of course offerings (German language, culture, business communication, literature, film and translation) will prepare you for the future.

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