Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Center for Geographic Information Science


Education & Training

Geographic Information Science Degrees & Certificates


B.S. In Applied Geography

M.A. in Geography

Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology

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ESRI Training

ESRI Authorized Training Classes

ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality

ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and Analysis

Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python

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ESRI Virtual Campus

On-line, self-paced training available to ECU students, faculty, and staff

Course Descriptions:

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Geographic Information Science Courses


For more information on specific courses:
GEOG 2410. Fundamentals of GIS  
GEOG 3420. Remote Sensing of the Environment I  
GEOG 3430. Geographic Information Systems I  
GEOG 3450. Introduction to the Global Positioning System  
GEOG 3460. GIS Applications Programming  
GEOG 4150. Advanced Spatial Analysis  
GEOG 4410. Advanced Cartographic Design and Production  
GEOG 4420. Remote Sensing II  
GEOG 4430. Geographic Information Systems II  
GEOG 4440. Coastal Applications of GIS  
GEOG 4450. GIScience, Society, and Technology  
GEOG 4491, 4492, 4493. Supervised Study in Geographic Techniques (1,2,3)



For more information on specific courses:
GEOG 6400. Seminar in Geographic Information and Analysis 
GEOG 6410. Advanced Cartography 
GEOG 6420. Advanced Remote Sensing 
GEOG 6430. Advanced Geographic Information Systems 
GEOG 6440. Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments 
GEOG 6491, 6492, 6493. Independent Study in Geographic Techniques (1, 2, 3)