The Great Books: Executive Committee Minutes

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Minutes of the Great Books Committee

Members: Assoc. Dean Michael Brown, Anne Bunnell, Charles Fantazzi, John Given, Robert Hammond, Thomas Herron, Kevin Moll, Frank Romer, David Smith, John Stevens, Anoush Terjanian, Edmund Wall, David Wilson-Okamura, Tricia Wilson-Okamura

April 25, 2007 Meeting #2, 3-4 pm, Bate 3321

Agenda Item 1. GRBK 4000, Spring 2008
Prof. Stevens introduced Prof. John Tucker, Director of Asian Studies, who made a proposal to teach a course on the Great Books of Asian Literature featuring The Ramayana, Monkey, The Tale of Genji, and The Crazy Iris. The committee approved the proposal.

Agenda Item 2. Revision to the Great Books Minor
The committee debated whether to accept courses for inclusion in the new minor which "had some suitable Great Books content" vs. courses which taught "whole books" and were likely to be concerned with how to approach Great Books in their integrity. The problem of not knowing whether courses would be taught in a Great Books mode, and the likelihood that they would be taught differently by different faculty complicated the discussion, which was continued for the next meeting.

Agenda Item 3. Pope Center colloquium
Prof. Stevens informed the committee that the ECU program was invited to be represented at an upcoming Pope Center colloquium on the status of the Great Books in North Carolina.

The meeting was adjourned at 4pm.