The Great Books
Executive Committee Minutes

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Minutes of the Great Books Committee

Members: Assoc. Dean Michael Brown, Anne Bunnell, Charles Fantazzi, John Given, Robert Hammond, Kevin Moll, Frank Romer, Mona Russell, David Smith, John Stevens, Anoush Terjanian, Mike Teske, Edmund Wall, David Wilson-Okamura, Tricia Wilson-Okamura

Members Present: Anne Bunnell, John Given, Frank Romer, David Smith, John Stevens, Anoush Terjanian, Michael Teske, Edmund Wall, David Wilson-Okamura, and Tricia Wilson-Okamura

January 16, 2009, Meeting #1, 3:30 pm, Bate 3321

Agenda Item 1. New Members
Professor Mike Teske, Department of Foreign Languages, was welcomed as a new member.

Agenda Item 1. Election of Officers
Professor Stevens agreed to stay on as director. Faculty volunteered to serve as secretary on a rotating basis beginning with D. Wilson-Okamura

Agenda Item 2. Curriculum Development
Professor Stevens reported that the proposed new courses had been approved by the Academic Standards committee and that he would present them and the revised minor to the University Curriculum Committee on Jan. 22.
After discussion, a motion carried by voice vote to change the name of a new course, "Great Books of the Enlightenment," to "Great Books of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries," so as not to overlap with the Enlightenment course in History, and to include more works from the seventeenth century (including books from the Scientific Revolution). (After the meeting Prof. Stevens notified the committee that the change could not be made at this time and would need to wait for the next curriculum revision).

Agenda Item 3. GRBK Seminars
Professor David Wilson-Okamura reported on the Great Books seminar, GRBK 2000, "Great Books of War". He reported that the most successful text with the students had been War and Peace. Prof. Smith reported on the spring 2009 seminar, GRBK 2000, "Great Books of the Enlightenment" and Profs. Stevens and Given reported that they were teaching CLAS 40000 as a GRBK 4000 cross-list on Ancient Philosophical Literature, using Plato. Prof. Stevens volunteered to teach GRBK 2000 in the fall as Great Books of Love. (After the meeting Prof. Terjanian volunteered to take his place).

Agenda Item 4. Speakers and Activities
The committee discussed renewing an offer to a previously selected speaker. (After the meeting the speaker expressed a preference for coming in the fall).
Professor Terjanian announced the first "Humanities at Work" event, to be held in Starlite on 24 March 2009 at 5-7 pm. This will be a panel on the value of humanities research in a recession. Prof. Given announced a marathon reading of the Odyssey, also to take place in March.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.