Helena Feder, Director of Great Books
Literature, Science and the Environment

Frank Romer
Greek & Roman Geography, Ethnography, and Religion

David Wilson-Okamura
Dante, Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, reception of Classics

John P. Given
Greek Drama and Enlightenment

Thomas Herron
Renaissance Britain and Ireland, Spenser and Shakespeare

Su-ching Huang
Asian American Studies, Chinese Literature

Kevin N. Moll
Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Renaissance Musicology

Mona Russell
Middle East History, Arabic Language and Literature

David Smith
German Enlightenment, History of the Book

Nancy Spalding
Political theory, comparative politics

John A. Stevens
Plato, Vergil, Stoicism, Seneca

Anoush F. Terjanian
History of Commerce, 18th c. France & Politial Thought

Anne Bunnell
Darwin, Literature and the Environment


Great Books Authors