MRST Festival Spring 2015

Medieval and Renaissance Festival Schedule

In the event of rain, the festival will move to the Great Rooms in Mendenhall
* Passport events

Thursday, April 16

10:00 Renaissance music with Jocelyn Nelson, Renaissance Guitar; Jon Shaw, soprano; and Elaine Yontz, Recorder (Fletcher School of Music) Brickyard

10:30* Presentation: Resurrection and Dissection by Todd Savitt (Brody School of Medicine) MSC244

11:00 Poster Presentations:

  • Medieval Obscenities by Nicole Sidhu (English)
  • Sword & bodkins MSC Gallery
  • Witchcraft & Bestiary by Allison Miller and Kaitlin Clothier (Maritime Studies)
  • The Devil's Crusade by Rai d’Honore (MRST)

11:30 Second Shepherd’s Play (ECU Theatre students) Brickyard

12:00-1:00 Medieval Music by La Rosa Trobadoresca (musicians from the Occitan, France)

1:30 Demonstration of authentic reproductions of medieval instruments (La Rosa Trobadoresca)

2:00 Medieval & Renaissance Medicine by Jeffrey Pierce (Brody School of Medicine) MSC 244

2:30* Origins of Fairy Tales by Lucas Berrini (Joyner Library) MSC 244

3:00* Intabulatura by Caroline Usher (Duke University) MSC 244

3:30 *Boethius and Pico by George Bailey (Philosophy) MSC 244

4:00 Vihuela and lute music by Henry Spencer (Fletcher School of Music) Brickyard

4:30 *Medieval & Renaissance Studies Colloquium:
Characterizing Cultural Trends In Fourteenth-Century Europe: North and South. By Kevin Moll (Fletcher School of Music, MRST) Bate 1026

Friday, April 17th

9:45 Renaissance Music ( Viola da Gamba consort) Brickyard

10:30: *Knights Templar and Banking by Dean Smith (College of Business) MSC 244

11:00 Medieval Troubadour Music (La Rosa Trobadoresca) Brickyard

11:30 Coriolanus combat scene (ECU Theatre students) Brickyard

12:00 Intrumentarium (La Rosa Trobadoresca) Brickyard