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Beginning in January, 2016 and running eight consecutive weeks, ECU will host the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions Program. The Program consists of a series of lectures by academic and professional experts on topics of global significance. The 2016 topics are Middle East, The Rise of ISIS, The Future of Kurdistan, Migration, The Koreas, The United Nations, Climate Change, Cuba and the U.S. Each session will run approximately 2 hours beginning with an hour-long lecture, followed by a question and answer period. Following the tradition of the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), attendees will then have the opportunity to voice their opinion on the topic by "voting" for or against certain foreign policy positions for the U.S. government. Each year, the FPA consolidates the results of the voting by citizen groups all over the country participating in The Great Decisions Program and presents them to the Secretary of State, as an example of citizen interest and involvement in international issues.


Beginning this year, we will offer the Great Decisions program in two new locations. In addition to our campus program, we will offer programs in Washington and Williamston, NC. We would like to thank Beaufort County Community College's Division of Continuing Education, and the Martin Memorial Library for hosting our Great Decisions program.

Click on the Schedule link to view the schedule and agenda for that location.


For further information on the program, contact:

Paola Moneymaker, Office of Continuing Studies

Email or call (252) 328-9273