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The Thomas Harriot Quadricentennial (400th):
The Commemorative Occasion

During the spring and summer of 1609 Thomas Harriot entered into an entirely new realm of exploration—only the most recent for him—a revolutionary examination of the universe with the aid of telescopic lens. Within weeks in July of that year Harriot was observing and charting the movement of planets in our solar system, moons in the orbits of those planets, and stars sprinkled across the heavers beyond those planets and moons. Many of his recorded observations were path-breaking, prescient, and enlightening not only to his own fertile mind, but also within the community of luminaries with whom he communicated.

This historic new departure on the part of Thomas Harriot in 1609 now becomes a focal and telling moment in which to commemorate his many lifetime explorations and his personal contributions to the expansion of knowledge.