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Special Invitees for Conference Participation

One of the purposes of the Quadricentennial Conference is to encourage the participation several special categories of scholars including (1) those who have researched Harriot topics for many years; (2) those undertaking new research on Harriot topics; and (3) those working on making use of Harriot sources to look at larger fields of knowledge. Conference organizers are thus particularly interested in identifying and making contact with individuals in these groups who can be identified during the conference planning process. These include—
  • Past presenters at Thomas Harriot Seminars, University of Durham
  • Previous lecturers at Oriel College Thomas Harriot Lectures
  • Authors of works on Thomas Harriot and his community of friends
  • Researchers on the Roanoke settlements in America
  • Researchers on native Americans in the period of the Roanoke colonies and Jamestown settlements
  • Researchers on the historic botany, fauna, and geology of coastal Carolina
  • Historians of science and technology in fields explored by Harriot
  • Maritime historians working on evolution of the art of navigation and other nautical topics in the 16th and 17th century
  • Military historians of the engineering of defenses and cannon fire trajectories
  • Researchers on the history of astronomy and origins of telescope as an observational tool
  • Early history of mapping and map-making in the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Historians on the early exploration of North America
  • Collectors of artifacts, art, and other historical materials relating to sixteenth century early settlements in the coastal Carolina region
  • Linguistic specialists on native and European languages from the period
Conference organizers are eager to learn of scholars and researchers working on these and other topics and invite email, phone, and other written inquiries and suggestions.