Wade G. Dudley

Dudley, Wade

Teaching Professor
Ph. D., University of Alabama
Phone: 252-328-4366
Office: Brewster A301
Fax: 252-328-6774
Email: dudleyw@ecu.edu
Web: http://personal.ecu.edu/dudleyw/


Wade Dudley's publications include five books: Splintering the Wooden Wall: The British Blockade of the United States, 1812-1815; Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder!; Historic Photos of Wilmington; Historic Photos of Winston; and Historic Photos of North Carolina. Splintering the Wooden Wall received the John Lyman Book Award from NASOH for best book in United States Maritime History in 2002. In addition to history, Professor Dudley also writes short stories (alternative history).

Dr. Dudley serves as the advisor to the Lambda Eta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society. He is also the current Regional Director for Phi Alpha Theta chapters in North and South Carolina (Carolinas Region) and a member of the National Advisory Board.

Professor Dudley holds a MA in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology, and serves as faculty in the department’s Maritime Studies program. A specialist in naval history and North Carolina history, he has taught all survey courses (HIST 1030, 1031, 1050, 1051), and regularly offers HIST 2000, Introduction to History; HIST 3215, American Revolution and Federalist Era; HIST 3100, North Carolina History; HIST 5135, Problems in North Carolina History; and HIST 6525, Sea Power.

Selected Publications

Splintering the Wooden Wall: The British Blockade of the United States, 1812-1815 (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press), 2003.

Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder (Dulles, VA: Brassey’s), 2003.

Historic Photos of Winston-Salem (Nashville, TN: Turner Publishing), 2008.

Historic Photos of Wilmington (Nashville, TN: Turner Publishing), 2008.

Historic Photos of North Carolina (Nashville, TN: Turner Publishing), 2008.

“Sir Francis Drake: Pirate to Admiral” in Military History (June 2009).

“Lost Opportunity: The Battle of the Chesapeake Capes” in Naval History (October 2006).

“Chesapeake Bay, Battle of” and “Chesapeake Capes, Battle of” in Macmillan/Scribners update of Mark M. Boatner’s Encyclopedia of the American Revolution (2006).

“The Flawed British Blockade, 1812-15” in Bruce Elleman and S. C. M. Paine, eds., Naval Blockades and Seapower: Strategies and Counter-strategies, 1805-2005 (New York: Routledge), 2006.

“Naval Blockades: Theory and Practice” and “From Sail to Steam” in M. Hill Goodspeed, ed., U.S. Navy: A Complete History (Washington, DC: Naval Historical Foundation), 2003.

“From Human Origins to the Neolithic Revolution to the First Cities” and “Classical India: Harappan Civilization to the Gupta Empire” in George F. Jewsbury, ed., Selections from Longman World History Primary Sources and Case Studies, v. 1 (New York: Longman), 2003.

Courses Offered:

HIST 1030: World Civilizations to 1500
HIST 1031: World Civilizations Since 1500
HIST 1050: American History to 1877
HIST 1051: American History Since 1877
HIST 2000: History: It's Nature and Method
HIST 3100: North Carolina History
HIST 5135: Problems in North Carolina History
HIST 6525: Sea Power