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FALL 2014

HIST 1030 -World Civilizations to 1500    Romer, Reid (DE), Hernandez, 
                                                                    Hill, Enright, Wilburn

HIST 1031 -World Civilizations from 1500    Russell (DE), Gross, Ross

HIST 1050 -American History to 1877    Dennard, Dunn, Tolar, Swanson, 
                                                                    Thompson, Palmer (DE)  

HIST 1051 -American History since 1877    Calhoun, Oakley, Rodabaugh,
                                                                           Bennett (DE)

HIST 2000 –Introduction to History (WI)             Dudley

HIST 2012 –American Business History            Parkerson

HIST 3000 -History: its nature & method            Zipf

HIST 3005 –Ancient Near East                          Romer

HIST 3100 -North Carolina History                      Dudley

HIST 3110 -History of African-Americans             Dennard

HIST 3121 -American Military History to 1900        Tilley

HIST 3200 –Diplomatic History of the US (DE)       Bennett 

HIST 3240 –Age of FDR, 1919-45 (DE)                  Bennett 

HIST 3350 –War & Society (DE)                           Palmer

HIST 3405 –Ancient Greece to 146 BC                 Romer

HIST 3415 –The Middle Ages                              Enright

HIST 3420 –Early Modern Europe to 1648 (DE)        Reid

HIST 3444 –Revolutionary France                        Terjanian

HIST 3480 –Britain to 1688-1832                         Jenks

HIST 3551 –Medieval Russia                              Hernandez

HIST 3610 –History of East Asia to 1600             Tucker

HIST 3615 –History of Traditional Japan               Tucker

HIST 3629 – History of Traditional China              Tucker

HIST 3830 –Africa and Islam(WI)                        Wilburn

HIST 3900 –Introduction to Public History           Prokopowicz

HIST 3980 –Shipwreck Archaeology                   Stewart           

HIST 3993 –Approaches to Historical Objects        Rawson

HIST 4000 –Senior Seminar (WI)                        Parkerson

HIST 5005 –Africa & the Atlantic World               Wilburn

HIST 5005 –Britain at War (DE)                          Jenks

HIST 5130 –New World Slavery & Race Relations        Thompson

HIST 5135 –Problems in North Carolina History          Tise

HIST 5140 –The Old South                                        Zipf

HIST 5920/21 –Techniques of Museum and Historic Site Development    Tilley/Rawson

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