Summer & Fall Courses

Undergraduate History Courses Summer & Fall 2017

Fall Course Name

HIST 1030 –World Civilizations to 1500

HIST 1031–World Civilizations since 1500

HIST 1050 –American History to 1877

HIST 1051 –American History since 1877

HIST 2000 –Introduction to History (WI)

HIST 2012 –American Business History

HIST 3000 –History: Its Nature & Method

HIST 3005 –History of Piracy

HIST 3005 –Black Europe

HIST 3100 –North Carolina History

HIST 3110 –History of African Americans

HIST 3121 –American Military History to 1900

HIST 3225 –Civil War, 1848-1877

HIST 3240 –Age of Franklin Roosevelt

HIST 3405 –Ancient Greece to 146 BC

HIST 3406 –War & Society in Ancient Greece & Rome

HIST 3444 – Old Regime & Revolutionary France            

HIST 3480 –Britain to 1688

HIST 3552 –Imperial Russia

HIST 3615 –History of Traditional Japan

HIST 3710 –Introduction to Latin America

HIST 4000 –Senior Seminar (WI)

HIST 4550/4551 –Honors

HIST 5005- Britain at War

HIST 5135- Problems in NC History

HIST 5140- The Old South

HIST 5220- Selected Topics in Women's History

HIST 5300- History of Non-Western Civilizations  

Instructor for Fall

Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Reid

Dr. Russell, Dr. Terjanian, Dr. Gross, Dr. Wilburn

Dr. Wilburn, Dr. Dennard, Dr. Zipf

TBA, Dr. Prokopowicz, Dr. Parkerson, Dr. Bennett

Dr. Oakley

Dr. Parkerson

Dr. Russell


Dr. Perry


Dr. Dennard

Dr. Palmer (DE)

Dr. Prokopowicz

Dr. Bennett (DE)

Dr. Romer

Dr. Romer

Dr. Terjanian

Dr. Jenks

Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Tucker

Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson, Dr. Oakley (DE)

Dr. Thompson

Dr. Jenks


Dr. Dennard

Dr. Zipf

Dr. Russell

Registration starts March 27!