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North Carolina Studies Minor

Christopher Arris Oakley, 202A Brewster Building

The Minor in North Carolina studies is an interdisciplinary program that requires 24 s.h.  The minor provides students with a comprehensive overview of North Carolina.  The program requires two core courses: HIST 3100 (North Carolina history) and NCST 4000 (capstone seminar).  The curriculum also includes cognates, from which students must choose one, and electives drawn from the following disciplines: anthropology, English, geography, history, and political science.  A maximum of 6 s.h. may be used to satisfy foundations curriculum requirements and requirements for the North Carolina studies minor.  No more than 3 s.h. of course work in the student's major field will be acceptable for credit toward the minor.  Additional courses beyond those listed below will be accepted if they significantly further the student's understanding of North Carolina studies; prior approval is required for additional courses.  The student's minor program must be approved by the director of the program.

1. Core - 6 s.h.

HIST 3100: North Carolina History

NCST 4000: Seminar

2. Cognates - 3 s.h.

Students must choose one of the following courses.  The others may be taken as electives.

ENGL 4230  North Carolina Literature

GEOG 3055 North Carolina

POLS 3244: North Carolina Politics

3. Electives - 15 s.h.

ANTH    3005 North American Indians 

ANTH    3111 North American Archaeology

ANTH    5120 Archaeology of the Southeastern US

ENGL    2230 Southern Literature

ENGL   3570 American Folklore

ENGL   4230 North Carolina Literature

ENGL   5230 Southern Regional Literature

GEOG  3001  Historical Geography of the United States

GEOG  3002  Coastal Geography

GEOG  3055  North Carolina

HIST     3110  History of African Americans

HIST     3170  Native American History

HIST     5140 The Old South

HIST     5141 The South Since 1877

POLS   3240 State and Local Government

POLS   3243 Comparative State Politics

POLS   3244 North Carolina Politics

POLS  4321 Contemporary Southern Politics