Chad Ross


Teaching Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Missouri in Columbia
Phone: 252-328-6089
Office: Brewster A-309
Fax: 252-328-6774
Email: rossch@ecu.edu

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My training as a historian was under the direction of noted nineteenth century social historian Jonathan Sperber at the University of Missouri in Columbia. At East Carolina I bring my own perspective and research interests to the teaching and research in the European nineteenth century in HIST 3430. All students from all disciplines are welcome in this course.

My research focuses on the development of responses to industrialization and urbanization in the nineteenth century, including Life-Reform, alternative medicine, 'third paths' and politics. I also offer a graduate readings course on nineteenth century social history, HIST 6470. In my course on the social history of medicine I show the development of medicine and medical practice within the European and American contexts. This is an especially helpful course for students majoring in Biology, Nursing and other health related professions. Bridging my interests into the twentieth century, I am happy to offer a course on the Holocaust, usually offered about every three semesters.

Committed to history, history education and the regional community of eastern North Carolina, I also act as North Carolina's Northeast Regional Coordinator for National History Day. Each spring under my coordination, the Department of History hosts hundreds of students for our competition. If you would like information on how to participate please contact me at rossch@ecu.edu or 328-6089, or follow the links on the department's home page for further information. I am also happy to serve as the History Department Outreach Coordinator. If you would like to visit our department, or have me visit your school, please contact me. For those interested in becoming teachers, I work closely with the College of Education in teacher training through HIST 3000.

For teachers seeking further certification or content background, I am always happy to welcome you to my readings, seminars, and Distance Education courses.

Selected Publications

Naked Germany: Health, Race, and the Nation. Berg Publishers, 2005.

Courses Offered:

HIST 1031: World Civilizations Since 1500.
HIST 3000: History:Its Nature and Method.
HIST 3005: Society and Medicine, 1750-2000.
HIST 3005: Holocaust.
HIST 3430: 19th. Century Europe.
HIST 6370: 19th. Century Readings.