Kenneth E. Wilburn

Wilburn, Kenneth

Associate Professor
D.Phil., Commonwealth History, New College, University of Oxford
Phone: 252-328-1029
Office: Brewster A318
Fax: 252-328-6774
Email: wilburnk@ecu.edu
Web: http://core.ecu.edu/hist/wilburnk/


Kenneth E. Wilburn specializes in the history of Africa, the Middle East, colonialism, imperialism, and the Atlantic world. His co-edited work with Clarence Davis, Railway Imperialism (1991), was translated into Japanese. He has published in African Studies Quarterly, African Studies Review, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, South African Historical Journal and the South African Journal of Economic History. He continues to explore ways in which to apply new technologies to research, publishing, and teaching. His academic web editorships include H-Net's H-Africa, SERSAS, and Letters from Africa. Of particular research and teaching interests are the archived Threads and Reviews section of H-Africa, SERSAS's Papers, Roundtables, and Videos Bibliography, and Letters from Africa. He is the list owner of SERSAS-L and SUZUKI-L, discussion groups that promote Africana scholarship and Suzuki piano pedagogy respectively. He also edits the Suzuki Piano Basics web site for children, parents, and teachers worldwide. In 2010 and 2012 he published a book and article on James Sivewright, a technology pioneer and Cape Liberal politician in late nineteenth-century South Africa. Between 2006 and 2015 he co-directed seven ECU summer study abroad programs to Ghana and South Africa.  His most recent book, Drawing Meaning into History: Student Imagery and Philosophies of History, 1984-2014, explores the relationship between art, history, and philosophy through the prism of thirty years and thousands of drawings by history students, expertly interpreted in 2014 by their peers in drawing classes.  He continues to share his homocentric view that “We are all Global Africans” with his undergraduate and graduate students.      

Selected Publications:

"Africa to the World! Nkrumah-era Philatelic Images of Emerging Ghana and Pan-Africanism, 1957-1966," African Studies Quarterly, Volume 13, Issues 1-2, Spring 2012, 23-54.

Drawing Meaning into History: Student Imagery and Philosophies of History, 1984-2014 (Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2015).

"The Drifts Crisis and the Jameson Raid, A Centennial Review," The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Volume 25, Number 2, May 1997, 219-239.

"Engines of Empire and Independence: Railways in South Africa, 1863-1916" in Clarence Davis and Kenneth Wilburn, editors, Railway Imperialism (Greenwood, 1991), 25-40.

"'Friend of the Native?': James Sivewright and the Cape Liberal Tradition," South African Historical Journal, 2012, 1-22, iFirst Article.

The Life of Statesman and Industrialist Sir James Sivewright of South Africa, 1848-1916: Builder of Railways, Telegraphs and Waterworks (Edwin Mellen Press, 2010).

"The Nature of the Rothschild Loan: International Capital and South African Railway Diplomacy, Politics, and Construction, 1891-1892," The South African Journal of Economic History, III, March, 1988, 4-19.

"Rails Crossed: Imperialists, Republicans, and Edward McMurdo," The South African Journal of Economic History, Special Issue: "Business Imperialism in South Africa," Volume 11, Number 2, September 1996, 82-103.

Railway Imperialism, co-editor with C. Davis (Greenwood, 1991).

"James Sivewright," Dictionary of South African Biography, IV, (Tafelberg Uitgewers, Ltd., 1982), 572-574.

Courses Taught

HIST 1030: World Civilizations to 1500
HIST 1031: World Civilizations since 1500
HIST 1050: US to 1877
HIST 1051: US since 1877
HIST 2012: American Business History
HIST 3670: History of the Middle East
HIST 3810: History of Africa
HIST 3820: History of South Africa
HIST 3830: Africa and Islam
HIST 3840 (HIST 3005): Africa and the Atlantic World
HIST 5660: Imperialism in Theory and Practice
HIST 6500 (HIST 5005): Africa and the Atlantic World