Past Lectures

Each year the Department of History of East Carolina University sponsors the Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture in History. The Department sponsored the first Brewster Lecture in 1982 as part of the University’s seventy-fifth anniversary celebration and has published the lectures since 1984. The series bears the name of the late Professor Emeritus of History whose generosity supports the series, the Department, and the discipline at large.

The lecture series seeks to achieve four essential goals: to provide students, faculty, and members of the community with the opportunity to hear distinguished historians share their knowledge and mastery of the discipline; to stimulate an exchange of ideas and a continuing dialogue about issues of fundamental importance; to illuminate the present through the reflective prism of the past; and to support a critical requirement of modern times—the continuing process of education.

Past Brewster Lectures

Year Scholar Lecture Title
2017 Keith Wailoo "Pain: A Political History"
2016 Derek Alderman and Alfred Brophy "What's in a Name? Memorials and Historical Memory"
2015 Julian Bond "Crossing the Color Line: From Rhythm 'N Blues to Rock 'N Roll"
2013 Daniel Richter "The Tuscarora War: Trade, Land, and Power"
2012 David T. Courtwright "Sky as Frontier: America's Air and Space Century"
2011 Eve M. Troutt Powell "The Language of Slavery, the Diction of Freedom: Voices from the Nile Valley and Ottoman Empire"
2010 Felipe Fernández-Armesto "The Man Who Gave His Name to America"
2009 Marcus Rediker "Black Pirates: The Curious Early History of the Amistad Rebellion"
2008 James McPherson "'Old Abe Has Joined My Enemies': The Lincoln-McClellan Relationship"
2007 Barbara J. Harris "The Fabric of Piety: Aristocratic Women and Care of the Dead, 1450-1550"
2006 David M. Kennedy "A Tale of Three Cities: How the U.S. Won World War II"
2005 Peter Green "Alexander of Macedon: Icon and Enigma"
2004 Jonathan Spence "Present at the Fall: A Scholar's View of the End of the Ming Dynasty"
2003 Eric Foner "The Idea of Freedom in the American Century"
2002 Paul David Escott "Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and America's Racial Future"
2001 Wolfgang Haas "Gods, Men, Godmen: Philosophical and Political 'Theologies' in Ancient Greece and the Classical Tradition"  
2000 Andrew Pettegree "Huguenot Voices: The Book and the Communication Process During the Protestant Reformation"
1999 H. Wayne Morgan "1898/1998: Echoes and Lessons from the Spanish-American War"  
1998 Norman M. Naimark   "The Problem of Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Europe"  
1997 Gary B. Nash   "The History Wars of the 1990s"
1996 Ian K. Steele "A Captive's Right to Life? The Interaction of Amerindian, Colonial and European Values"
1995 Darlene Clark Hine "Culture, Consciousness, and Community: The Making of an African American Women's History"  
1994 Joan Hoff "Watergate Revisited"  
1993 Geoffrey Parker "After Columbus: Spain's Struggle for Atlantic Hegemony"  
1992 Akira Iriye   "The Significance of the Pearl Harbor Attack: A Fifty-Year Perspective"  
1991 Basil Jack Greenhill "The S.S. Great Britain and the Coming of Steam Navigation"  
1990 Robert Forster   "The Legacy of the French Revolution"  
1989 Ronald Robinson   "The Ending of Apartheid in Zimbabwe"
1988 Milton M. Klein "The Constitution in the Public Imagination"  
1987 Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. "Central America: Historical Perspectives on Revolution and Reaction"
1986 David B. Quinn "Theory and Practice: Roanoke and Jamestown"
1985 Hans A. Schmitt "The First Year of the Nazi Era: A Schoolboy's Perspective"
1984 Donald F. Lach "Fantasy and Reality in the West's Response to Asia"
1983 Arthur S. Link "Woodrow Wilson and a Revolutionary World"