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East Carolina Conservation Laboratory
Department of History
279 Flanagan Building, East Fifth Street
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
Phone: 252-328-6587 Fax: 252-328-6754
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Contract Services

The East Carolina Conservation Lab performs contract work with local and international museums and non-profit organizations to promote community ties to cultural heritage and awareness of appropriate preservation techniques for historical objects. The laboratory is equipped for:

  • Object conservation
  • Microscopy
  • Digital photography and documentation
  • Dry and wet lab facilities
  • Small scale radiography
  • Collection surveys
  • Preventative conservation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Teaching and internships
  • Consultancy work
  • Preservation workshops
  • Disaster prevention workshops
  • Material identification and analysis (SEM, FTIR, XRF)

The faculty and instructors at the laboratory have extensive experience treating a variety of materials. While the majority of objects treated at the laboratory have come from an archaeological environment, we have the ability to treat historic and ethnographic materials and to perform analysis and identification. The East Carolina Conservation Lab works in collaboration with other academic departments at East Carolina University and in cooperation with other conservation facilities in the use of specialized equipment and research tools.

East Carolina Conservation Laboratory


The Program in Maritime Studies offers professional phase courses in artifact conservation as part of a master's degree in Maritime Studies. These courses include introductory conservation coursework, advanced conservation techniques, and an external internship. Depending upon the complexity of the project, students are available to assist with documentation and treatments under the direct supervision of an instructor.

Please be aware that treatments may take longer than normal due to the teaching nature of the laboratory. Every effort will be made to return the object quickly, but some treatments may take more time than others. Also, we abide by all AIC professional guidelines and ethics.

East Carolina Conservation Laboratory


Complimentary pick up and delivery is provided for objects that are within a 45 mile radius of Greenville, NC and that can be transported within a passenger van. For objects outside of a 45 mile radius of Greenville, NC that can be be transported with a passenger van a government transportation rate of $0.23/mile will be applied for pick up and delivery. If a client wishes they are welcome to ship, drop off or pick up their objects from East Carolina University at their own expense. Other transportation methods can also be arranged. Any objects travelling overnight will have this cost provided in the estimate.

Additional Details

  • When inquiring about conservation services, please include images, if possible
  • Loan agreements are provided for objects
  • Documentation is provided in electronic format, including images, after the project has been completed
  • In order to obtain services, you must be the owner or an authorized representative of the owner of the object

If you are interested in estimates for conservation work, workshops, or analysis, please contact us at:

East Carolina Conservation Lab

279 Flanagan Building
East Fifth Street
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
Phone: (252) 328-4407
Phone: (252) 328-4407
Fax: (252) 328-6754