Graduate History Courses Spring 2018

Spring Course Name 

HIST 5130- New World Slavery & Race Relations

HIST 5135- Problems in North Carolina History

HIST 5140- The Old South

HIST 5480- Weimer & the Rise of Hitler

HIST 5505- Maritime History to 1415

HIST 5520- Maritime History since 1815

HIST 5930/5931- Historic Site Development

HIST 5950/5951- Quantitative History 

HIST 6260- The US & the Middle East

HIST 6355- Ancient Rome

HIST 6375- 20th Century European History

HIST 6650- Management of Coastal Resources

HIST 6820- Methods in Archaeology 

HIST 6825- American Maritime Culture 

HIST 6845- Advanced Conservation

HIST 6890- Ship Reconstruction

Instructor for Spring

Dr. Thompson

Dr. Dudley

Dr. Dennard

Dr. Gross

Dr. Stewart

Dr. Rodgers

Dr. Prokopowicz

Dr. Parkerson

Dr. Palmer

Dr. Romer

Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Harris

Dr. Raupp

Dr. Harris

Dr. Rodgers

Dr. Stewart