Graduate History Courses Fall 2017

Fall Course Name 

HIST 5005- Britain at War

HIST 5135- Problems in North Carolina History

HIST 5140- The Old South

HIST 5220- Selected Topics in US Women's History

HIST 5300- History of Non-Western Civilizations

HIST 6010- Maritime History, 1415-1815

HIST 6035- The Civil War

HIST 6210- War & Society 

HIST 6350- History of Ancient Greece

HIST 6444- The Old Regime, the French Revolution & Napoleon

HIST 6525- Sea Power, 480 BC to the Present 

HIST 6805- Research Methods in Nautical Archaeology

HIST 6810- Maritime Architecture & Ship Construction

HIST 6840- Introduction to Conservation

HIST 6900- Historiography

Instructor for Fall 

Dr. Jenks

Dr. Dudley

Dr. Dennard

Dr. Zipf

Dr. Russell

Dr. Stewart

Dr. Prokopowicz

Dr. Palmer (DE)

Dr. Romer

Dr. Terjanian

Dr. Dudley

Dr. McKinnon, Dr. Stewart

Dr. Rodgers

Dr. Rodgers

Dr. Reid (DE)