Thomas Harriot College of arts and sciences
Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biological Sciences (IDPBS)

Financial Support

Institutional Scholarships.  Scholarships cover tuition and health insurance, and offer a stipend of at least $24,000 per calendar year.

Graduate Assistantships. A Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) covers tuition and health insurance, and provides a stipend of at least $24,000 per calendar year.  GTA's teach 2 or 3 labs during a semester, depending upon the course.  Duties include assisting in lab preparation, instruction, and administering and grading lab problem sets, quizzes, practicals, or other assignments.

A Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) may be provided if the student's mentor has received external funding through a grant or contract.  The nature of the research, and the student's duties and responsibilities are determined by the mentor. Research Assistantship awards are typically competitive with that of a Teaching Assistantship.

IDPBS Biology students are guaranteed 5 years of support.

IDPBS Biology students who have advanced to candidacy and have a serious interest education also have the opportunity to serve as instructors for Distance Education (DE) courses, or face-to-face courses.