Committee on International Curricular Initiatives



The University of North Carolina Tomorrow Commission: Final Report begins its "Findings" section with a call to enhance the global readiness of North Carolinians (4.1) 

Major Finding: UNC should educate its students to be personally and professionally successful in the 21st century and, to do so, should enhance the global competitiveness of its institutions and their graduates

The ECU Vision Statement, "ECU Tomorrow: A Vision for Leadership and Service" lists as its first strategic direction, "Education for a new century: ECU will prepare students to compete in the global economy."

The Committee on International Curricular Initiatives was created in response to Goal Five of the ECU Internationalization Strategic Plan. It is charged with working on "curriculum development in international education, particularly as it cuts across departmental, school and college lines." It is also to "take leadership in seeking external funding for international education initiatives." In addition, the committee is "to coordinate the efforts of [the] Colleges to internationalize [their] curriculum with the overall, University-wide effort." [Strategic Plan Update]

The Committee on International Curricular Initiatives reports to the Provost. Its members are the dean-appointed international education coordinators of each ECU college or school.