International Studies Certificate in Global Understanding

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The certificate helps you understand and appreciate the peoples, issues and ideas within the global community. You earn it by  taking courses with international content, studying a foreign language at the introductory level, and learning about people in other countries through both Internet contact and actual study in an international setting.


A minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA is required for admission. The student must maintain a 2.5 average in the certificate courses to receive the Certificate in Global Understanding.

The certificate requires 15 s.h. of credit as follows:

  1. Core: 9 s.h.
  2. ANTH 1050 Global Understanding: 3 s.h.
    1001 and 1002 courses of the same foreign language: 6 s.h.
    (You may receive credit either through successful completion of courses with a C or better, or through a language placement exam. The foreign language requirement may be waived for international students whose native language is not English, in which case an additional 6 s.h. of approved electives are required.)
  3. Elective courses: 6 s.h.
  4. Choose courses, each from a different discipline, from the list of International Studies Minor courses, or, take other courses approved by the International Studies Executive Committee
  5. An approved academic study abroad program or internship of at least one summer session.
  6. (International students may substitute an equivalent period of study at ECU.) Certificate in Global Understanding with Distinction

Students who complete the basic 15 hours and who also complete 60 hours of co-curricular or service activities with an international focus will be awarded the Certificate of Global Understanding with Distinction.

To complete the Certificate of Global Understanding with Distinction, choose two of the three following options:

30 hours of co-curricular or service activities with an international focus
An additional year of a foreign language (1003 and 1004)
A semester or more of study abroad, or internship in an international setting

Examples of distinguishing activities:

Attending an international lecture series
Volunteering to work with immigrants
Participating in an international club or student organization
Helping with the Model UN

Activities to meet this requirement must be approved by the International Studies Executive Committee.

Portfolio for the Certificate

Students pursuing the Certificate in Global Understanding will need to submit a portfolio listing their accomplishments. The link below provides a portfolio form to simplify the process.

Certificate in Global Understanding Portfolio Form