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Faculty International Activities and Grants 2006-2007


Christine Avenarius

Dr. Avenarius is back from five months of ethnographic fieldwork in mainland China as part of her new research project, “China and the Rule of Law: Conceptions of Fairness and Justice in Times of Change,” funded by the National Science Foundation. She will conduct the second phase of fieldwork in mainland China between June and August 2007 in cooperation with Dr. Qi from the Urban Studies Institute of the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, researchers at the Hebei Academy of Social Sciences in Shijiazhuang, and Professor Dr. Zhao Xudong from the Department of Sociology at the College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University. She also plans to travel to Leiden in the Netherlands for a workshop in February and to Corfu in Greece in May 2007 to present her findings at the 27th International Sunbelt Social Network Conference.

David Griffith

In 2006-2007, Dr. Griffith was invited to speak at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico on Mexico’s guestworker programs with the United States.  He took advantage of the trip to visit a potential future research site in Veracruz, working with Patricia Zamudio Grave of the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (Center of Investigations and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology).  Together they visited a string of four highland communities that have recently been sending migrants to North Carolina and California.  


Just prior to that visit, in September, Dr. Griffith traveled to Honduras to finish up a project entitled, “El Puente (the bridge): Mental Health Implications of Communication among Families Separated Through Migration.”  There he worked with Drs. Raquel Isaula and Manuel Villa Cruz of the Red de Desarrollo Sostenible (Network for Sustainable Development).  During that project he also visited a central municipality called Olancho, where people raise livestock and grow beans and corn and also migrate to North Carolina and Florida.


Jami Leibowitz

Dr. Leibowitz is the lead faculty in ECU's Global Understanding project. Using ECU’s global classroom, this project connects ECU students with students from other countries for synchronous, real-time, live instruction in a virtual collaborative environment. Through the global understanding project, Dr. Leibowitz works with 16 international universities from 14 different countries. Most recently Dr. Leibowitz traveled to Taiwan to recruit Fu Jen University as our 17th international partner. For more information see:

Laura Mazow

In the summer of 2006, Dr. Mazow was in Jerusalem at the W. F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research where she was a Miqne Fellow. As a Miqne Fellow, she assisted in preparing an archaeological report for publication for the Tel Miqne-Ekron Excavation and Publications Project. The report documents the excavations of the Philistine site of Tel Miqne-Ekron during the 1980s and 1990s and is a joint project between the W.F. Albright Institute and the Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University. She is continuing to work on the project throughout the fall from ECU, and will be working in Jerusalem again in December.

While in Israel this past summer, she also prepared for publication an article entitled, "Producing a Philistine: The Philistine Textile Industry and Its Implications for Reconstructing Philistine Settlement,” which she presented last spring at a conference on "Cyprus, the Sea Peoples and the Eastern Mediterranean" in Toronto, Canada. The conference was sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies, St. Michael's College and the Department of Near and Middle East Civilizations, the University of Toronto, Pennsylvania State University and the Republic of Cyprus. The conference volume is planned for publication in 2007.

Linda Wolfe

During the summer of 2006 Dr. Wolfe completed an AAAS/Sigma XI tour of the archaeological sites of Peru.  


Robert Christian

Dr. Christian serves as the chair of the expert panel for the development of the Coastal Module of The Global Terrestrial Observing System (C-GTOS). This is a program through the UN with the secretariat in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). "The primary goal of the Coastal Module of the Global Terrestrial Observing System is to detect, assess and predict global and large-scale regional change associated with land-based, wetland and freshwater ecosystems along coasts."  As part of his activities in 2006, he attended meetings for GTOS in Rome, Paris, and Cairns, Australia to develop the coastal component and foster relationships with other international programs.

Alexandros Georgakilas

Dr. Georgakilas's group presented original papers at the following international conferences:

 [1]     P. Peddi, D.C. Francisco, B.A. Flood, G. Sigounas and A.G. Georgakilas Accumulation of oxidative clustered DNA lesions (OCDLs) in the human breast cancer cells MCF-7, Proceedings 53th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov 5-8, USA, 2006, pp. 53.

[2]      D. Tsao, I. Tabrizi, M. Dingfelder, R.D. Stewart and A.G. Georgakilas Induction and processing of oxidative clustered DNA lesions and double strand breaks induced by high-LET 56Fe space radiation in human monocytes, Proceedings of the 53th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov 5-8, USA, 2006, pp. 53.

[3]      S.M. Holt, J.L. Scemama and A.G. Georgakilas Processing of oxidative clustered DNA lesions (OCDLs) in the MSH2 deficient acute lymphoblastic leukemia human cell line NALM-6, Proceedings of the 53th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov 5-8, USA, 2006, pp. 54.

[4]      J.M. Hair, P. Peddi, D. Francisco, B. Flood, A. Cecil and A.G. Georgakilas (PS3085) Induction and processing of oxidative clustered DNA lesions in the human breast cancer lines MCF-7, MCF-10A and HCC1937, in: R.R. Society (Ed.), International Congress of Radiation Research San Francisco, CA 2007, pp. 169-170.

David Knowles

David Knowles has been involved with an ongoing tropical forest restoration project in southern Costa Rica since 1995. The project involves developing and applying reforestation techniques using native tree species and measuring and monitoring ecological change as abandoned pastures regenerate to forest. The research is conducted at a field station operated by Tropical Forestry Initiative, a non-profit organization with the mission to develop realistic restoration techniques, encourage forest restoration in the region and provide educational opportunities to visiting students, faculty and researchers.New courses under development include a course in ecotourism management through the ECU Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies and a course in woodworking through the ECU School of Art.   

Enrique Reyes

Dr. Reyes taught a certificate course, “Manejo Integrado de la Zona Costera," at the  Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico, from April 17-21, 2006. He will teach an 18-credit hour graduate course, "Ecology of Tropical Coastal Ecosystems,” for the Tropical Studies Organization at the Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Xalapa, Mexico, from January 29 - March 9, 2007.

He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Hidrobiologica, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico, and of the journal Universidad y Ciencia, Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco.

Dr. Reyes presented a paper entitled “Forecasting long-term response of North Carolina wetlands” at ESHTME 07, Ecosystem Sustainability and Health of Threatened Marine Enviornments Conference in Awana Kijal Terengganu, Malaysia, May. 2007.

Acting as the ECU Coordinator for a Field Site Visit and Faculty Exchange with University of Malaysia Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia from Apr 29 - May13, 2007. Drs. Okmyung “Paul” Bin (Econ). Jason Bond (Biol) and Ron Newton (Grad. School) were also part of this faculty exchange visit.

Dr. Reyes taught a graduate course, “Ecology of Estuarine and Coastal Tropical Ecosystems” Inst. de Ecología, Xalapa, México, in June 2007.

Margit Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt is continuing her research collaboration with Dr. Zora Housley in Switzerland.

Yong Zhu

International Conferences:

International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish, St Malo, France, June 3-8, 2007. PHOTOS


Articles Published In International Journals:

1. Hanna R, Pang Y, Thomas P,Zhu Y(2006) Cell Surface Expression, Progestin Binding and Rapid Nongenomic Signaling of Zebrafish Membrane Progestin Receptors α and β in Transfected Cells.Journal of Endocrinology190: 247 - 260.

2.Nguyen N, Sugimoto M,Zhu Y(2006) Production and purification of recombinant somatolactin β and its effects on melanosome aggregation in zebrafish.General andComparative Endocrinology145: 182-187.


Abstracts Presented At International Conferences

1. Zhu Y, Hanna RN (2007) Expression of membrane progestin receptors α and β in zebrafish.   8th International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish. Saint Malo, France, June 3-8, 2007.

2. Zhu Y, Hanna RN, Daly SCJ (2007) Characterization and expression of nuclear progestin receptors in zebrafish. 8th International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish. Saint Malo, France, June 3-8, 2007.



Paul Gemperline

Dr. Gemperline sent undergraduate student Nick Nagle to ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), arguably one of the top 25 technical research centers in the world, for two months this summer, supported with funds (travel, living expenses and salary) from hid NSF grant. He worked as a visiting research associate in a research lab of a collaborator of Dr. Gemperline.

On April 24 and 25, 2007, Dr. Gemperline will travel to Lyon, France, to present an invited lecture on chemometrics and process analytical technology in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Dr. Gemperline has been invited to join the program committee of the 4th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy. ICAVS 4 will be held in Corfu, Greece, June 10-15, 2007. Vasilis Gregoriuo will be the conference chair.


Carson Bays

Dr. Bays presented a paper, “Does the Droit de Suite Benefit Artists?” at the 14th biennial meeting of the Association for Cultural Economics International in Vienna, Austria, July 6-9, 2006.

Okmyung Bin

Dr. Bin presented a paper," Valuing Spatially Integrated Amenities and Risks in Coastal Housing Markets," with Thomas Crawford, Jamie Kruse, and Craig Landry, at the Third World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, in Kyoto, Japan, July 2006. He has served as a referee for multiple proposals for the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) Grant.

Richard Ericson

Dr. Ericson chairs the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC-Russia), and represents that program as ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees of EERC, Inc. He also serves on the Executive Committee of EERC, Inc. Each December and July, the IAB of EERC-Russia meets in Moscow (December 17-20, 2005) and Kiev (July 6-11, 2006) to review economics research proposals and recommend funding of the best of them. Dr. Ericson reviews two or three research proposals for each workshop, and chairs the panel reviews.  The Board of Trustees of EERC, Inc. holds its annual meeting each October in Kyiv, Ukraine, this year October 11-12. Dr. Ericson participated in the 10th Anniversary Research Conference of EERC, held in Kyiv October 13-15, 2006. He will participate in the EERC-Russia Workshops and IAB meetings, December 15-18, 2006, and July 6-10, 2007.

Andrew Grodner

Dr. Grodner participated in the Waraws Economic Meeting organized by the Department of Economics, Warsaw University and Warsaw Institute for Socio-Economic Research in Warsaw (Poland), 1-2 July 2006.
He spoke on “Chinese Economic Reform and Labor Market Efficiency.”

Jamie Kruse

Dr. Kruse maintains collaborative research ties with Ozlem Ozdemir at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey, Nahil Saqef Al-Hait at University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan and Renate Schubert at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. She has been on the Board of Editors of the Global Review of Business and Economic Research since 2003. She is a member of the Economic Science Association, which is an international organization of experimental researchers.


Michael Aceto

The results of Dr. Aceto’s fieldwork in St. Eustatius have recently been published in an issue of World Englishes. His fieldwork data from Dominica is currently being analyzed and is slated to appear as a chapter in a book to be published by Cambridge University Press. Aceto’s latest project is examining the interface between linguistic theory and Tibetan Buddhism.

Slobodanka Dimova

In the academic year of 2006-07, Dr. Dimova gave a presentation at two international conferences and worked on three international projects. She presented a paper at the International Conference of the English Language Teachers Association in Macedonia (ELTAM), Struga, R. Macedonia, October 2006, and at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, January 2007. In the fall of 2006, she worked on two international projects. One of them was a collaborative project involving four language schools and two Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test centers in Skopje, R. Macedonia. The project focused on the washback effects of the TOEFL iBT on teaching and learning English in Macedonia. For the other project, which concentrated on the extent of English use in Macedonian business nomenclature, she conducted fieldwork in Veles, R. Macedonia.


In the spring of 2007, Dr. Dimova worked on a research project investigating the perceptions of non-nativeness among Macedonian English teachers that involved 18 teachers and 6 administrators from four language schools in Veles and two language schools in Prilep, R. Macedonia.


Thomas Herron

Dr. Herron delivered a conference paper on the Irish plantation politics of the early modern poet Edmund Spenser at the annual British-Irish Spenser Seminar in Cambridge, England in September 2006.

Debra O'Neal

Prof. O’Neal taught ENGL 1100 in collaboration with Dr. Abdu Benhallem in Morocco. She taught this  composition class with Dr. Benhallem once week when the class discussed readings which the two professors had chosen together in advance. Their students prepared the readings and were able to ask each other questions through live video conferencing. This was a successful and meaningful use of technology for both groups. Prof. O’Neal also served as a lead teacher in INTL 1050 for a section which linked through video conference technology to Switzerland, China and Moldova for 6 sessions with each group. Her students discussed issues of concern and curiosity through the video links, through live chat sessions and through on going e-mails. This also was very enlightening for all students. The link for the project run by Dr Poe and Dr Chia is

C. W. Sullivan III

J.R.R. Tolkien and the Rediscovery of the North," Dr. Sullivan's opening keynote address at the January 2005 meeting of the Hungarian Society for the Study of English, has just been published in HUSSE Papers 2005: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Conference, Volume I, Jeno Bardos, ed., University of Veszprem: Veszprem, Hungary, 2006.

Dr. Sullivan was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Hungary for the spring of 2007, but has decided to postpone his stay in Hungary under the spring of 2008.

Richard Taylor


Dr. Taylor has been directing or co-directing the ECU Summer Study in London program since 1989-90.  In 2006-2007 he teamed with Professor Brent Henze to provide seventeen students an opportunity to study a combination of literature and technical communication, both geared towards the culture and history of London.  Their undergraduate students over the years have enjoyed the transforming benefits of studying in a cosmopolitan and international setting, while their graduate students have taken advantage of such resources as the British Library to conduct thesis-related research.


Joanna Bradley

In May, 2006 Dr. Bradley participated in a pilot study of a multidisciplinary research project in Costa Rica. Along with ECU faculty from Anthropology, Sociology and Gerontology, she met with investigators from the University of Costa Rica in San Jose and the National University in Heredia, with which ECU has a long history of professional collaboration. The project examines the increasing number of North American retirees choosing to relocate to Costa Rica. Dr. Bradley’s role in the project is to assess the level of Spanish language proficiency the retirees are able to acquire and how the use of the target language relates to their overall experience in Costa Rica.


Locally, Dr. Bradley continues to participate in relocation projects for Spanish speakers who arrive in Greenville from other countries. She and project colleagues help the new arrivals enroll children in school, find employment and medical care. They have also begun English as a Second Language classes and organize and disperse donated clothing. Each December, she directs an Angel Tree Christmas project that matches low income Hispanic children with Greenville families who provide each child with a complete outfit, a pair of shoes and a toy. Most of the children are in the Belvoir Elementary School.  In addition, this year she has begun tutoring programs for Hispanic children whose parents have limited education backgrounds as well as limited English proficiency.

Juan Daneri

Dr. Daneri presented a paper, "Cultura cortesana europea e historiografía amerindia: Diego Muñoz Camargo y la historia colonial de Tlaxcala" [European courtier culture and Amerindian historiography: Diego Muñoz Camargo and the colonial history of Tlaxcala] at the 52nd International Congress of Americanists, Seville, Spain, July 2006.

Dr. Daneri's 2005 article "Reescritura y tensión utópica en Noticias del extranjero (1959-1998) de Pedro Lastra" has been reprinted in the book 'Arte de vivir. Acercamientos críticos a la poesía de Pedro Lastra' edited by S. Nagy-Zekmi & L. Correa-Díaz. Santiago, Chile: RiL/Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, 2006. 93-118.

Paul Fallon

Dr. Fallon made a presentation at The Chimalpahin Conference 2006: Colonial and Post-Colonial Remembering and Forgetfulness in Mexico City, October 16-18, entitled “Supplementing Time on the Border: Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz’s Laberinto and Border Theories.”

Charles Fantazzi

Dr. Fantazzi was a visiting scholar at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at Victoria University in the University of Toronto for the month of June 2006. He remains on the board of editors and executive committee of The Collected Works of Erasmus, University of Toronto Press, and is in frequent contact with colleagues there. He has been named general editor of the Selected Works of Juan Luis Vives, Brill Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands. He is also North American editor for the journal, Humanistica Lovaniensia, Leuven.

Dr. Fantazzi chaired a session and delivered a paper, “The Erasmus-Vives Correspondence” at a conference entitled, “Erasmus and the Republic of Letters” at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 5-7 September 2006. He will give a paper at a conference to be held at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, entitled, “Vives and the Spectre of the Inquisition.” Other sessions of this conference Between Scylla and Charybdis: Learned Letter Writers Navigating Along the Cliffs of Politics and Religion (1500-1700), will be held at the Flemish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Brussels and the Huygens Instituut in The Hague, 14-16 December, 2006.

Dr. Fantazzi is editing a Companion to Vives, a volume of some 500 pageswith contributors from various parts of the world for Brill Publishers, Leiden, to be published in 2007. He chaired two sessions at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America at the University of Cambridge (UK) in March 2005. He has been invited to a congress at Christ Church, Oxford, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the edition of Erasmus' correspondence, September 2006. His paper will be on the correspondence between Erasmus and Vives. He has also been invited to give a paper on Sannazaro at a congress at the University of Louvain, September 2006.

Dr. Fantazzi is a member of the editorial board, editor and translator, The Collected Works of Erasmus, University of Toronto Press. He also worked at the Library of the University of Louvain and the Bibliothèque royale de Belgique in Brussels at Christmas time, 2005-6.

Javier Lorenzo

Elena Murenina

Frank Romer

In summer 2006, Dr. Romer conducted museum-based research on Greek, Roman, and Phoenician material culture as evidenced by items preserved in Munich, Vienna, Krakow, and Warsaw. In April, he led a Stanford University Alumni College in Morocco, the Atlantic islands (the Canary, Madeira, and Azores groups), Gibraltar, and Spain, lecturing broadly on the history of those regions from antiquity through the European Age of Discovery; his particular interest in these areas is the archaeological and historical evidence for Phoenician and Roman factories that produced the purple dyes famous throughout the Mediterranean. He conducted site-based and museum-based research in Italy during May. He continues both to be a member of the Comparative Ideas of Empire and Geography Group based in Paris and to work on the late Roman geographer and paradoxographer Solinus.


Peter Standish


Jennifer Valko


Jeff Popke

In the summer of 2005, Dr. Popke (with colleague Rebecca Torres) spent three weeks in Michoacán, Mexico, studying the processes fueling out-migration from rural Mexican communities. A similar research trip in planned for the summer of 2007.  During the summer of 2006, Dr. Popke spent three weeks travelling in Costa Rica.  Students under his direction are studying transnational migration from Mexico and social and economic change in Argentina.

Rebecca Torres

Dr. Torres conducted fieldwork in Mexico during summer 2005 on a joint project (with Jeff Popke) titled, "From Tierra Caliente to Rural North Carolina: Mexican Transnational Migration and Settlement in the U.S. South."  She will be spending the summer of 2007 in Mexico conducting similar research.  Dr. Torres recently received a 5-year CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation to continue her work examining Mexican and Guatemalan migration to North Carolina. 


Reide Corbett

Dr. Corbett is a member of the Joint International Commission on Ground Water- Surface Water Interactions sponsored by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. He just returned from an oceanographic research cruise off of New Zealand working collaboratively with several Kiwis.

Steve Culver

Dr. Culver has a research project that was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council in the UK on reconstruction of Jurassic environmental change in the Kimmeridgian strata of the UK using benthic foraminiferal assemblages as paleoenvironmental indicators. The Kimmeridge Clay is an important petroleum source rock in the North Sea. One of his former post-doctoral students at the Natural History Museum, London, is working up the data.


With coauthors from the University of Houston, Culver has a paper in press in Journal of African Earth Sciences on the late Precambrian plate tectonic evolution of the West African craton. With coauthors from France, England and Australia, he also has a paper in press in Compte Rendu Academie de Sciences, Paris on the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary in Senegal/Guinea.  This West African work incorporates samples that Culver collected on several National Geographic-funded expeditions that he led to Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone and Liberia 10 to 15 years ago.


Dr. Culver is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London, a Chartered Geologist with the Geological Society of London and an Honorary Professor at University College, London.

Catherine Rigsby

J. P. Walsh

Dr. Walsh is currently conducting research in New Zealand and Puerto Rico:

  • Sediment dynamics on the actively deforming Waipaoa continental margin. This project, part of the Margins Source to Sink program, is designed to investigate the modern transport of terrestrial sediment to and within the continental slope seaward of the Waipaoa River, New Zealand. Research cruises for this project occurred in 2005 and 2006. This research is being conducted in collaboration with Clark Alexander (Skidaway), Alan Orpin and Lionel Carter (National Institute for Water and Atmosphere Research, New Zealand), Steve Kuehl (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) and Lincoln Pratson (Duke University).  Ben Sumners and Reanna Camp are Masters students at ECU working on this research.


  • Terrestrial sediment flux onto coral reefs of southwestern Puerto Rico. This research is aimed at quantifying the flux of terrestrial (land-derived) sediment to the coral reef areas of La Parguera, Puerto Rico. The research is being conducted in collaboration with Amos Winter (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez), Richard Appeldoorn (UPRM), Francisco Pagan (UPRM) and others. It is part of the NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies - Caribbean program.  Katie Ryan from ECU completed her MS on this project.


Larry Babits

2006 The APES Archaeological Study: The North Carolina Sounds: an  Interface between Land and Sea. IN Connected by the Sea

Proceedings of the Tenth International symposium on Boat  and Ship Archaeology Roskilde 2003, edited by Lucy Blue, Fred Hocker and Anton Englert, pp. 163-70.Oxbow Books, Oxford (as lead author with Frank Cantelas and Keith Meverden).


2006 Fort Dobbs on the Carolina Frontier. Fields of Conflict IV, Leeds, England.


The Periauger: An Example of Adapting An European Boat Type  to the North Carolina Sounds. 11th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology. Mainz, Germany.

David Dennard and Kenneth Wilburn

Dr. Dennard and Dr. Kenneth Wilburn are organizing an ECU summer study abroad program to Ghana for June 2007

Jonathan Reid

A revised version of the invited paper, "Evangelical Networks in France (1520-1555): Proto-churches?" at the international conference, The French and Italian Reformations: Contacts, Contrasts, and Comparisons, that Dr. Reid delivered in Rome in October 2005, has been accepted for publication and is in press in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by the École française de Rome, with the same three conference organizers as editors, date pending.The organizers were Professors Philip Benedict, formerly of Brown University, now Director of the Institut d'Histoire de la Réformation , Geneva, Switzerland; Alain Tallon, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV; and Silvana Seidel-Menchi, Università di Pisa. The Conference was underwritten by the École française de Rome, Florence Gould Foundation, American Academy in Rome, Università degli studi di Pisa, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV, and l'Accademia Naztionale dei Lincei.

Anoush Terjanian

Dr. Terjanian is a member of the international editorial team producing the first modern critical edition of the ten-volume, best-selling history of comparative empires--theHistoire politique et philosophique ducommerce et des établissements des Européens dans les deux Indes(1770,1774, 1780). She was invited to give a paper, “Raynal and his Networks,” at the International Colloquium to be held at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris on December 15-16, 2006. Dr.Terjanian was also elected to the Board of Trustees of the Institut Français de Washington, now based at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Angela Thompson

Dr. Thompson will participate in a workshop, “Dilemmas and Challenges in the Cultural History of Latin America” at the Ravignani Institute for the Study of History at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 2006.

John Tucker

Dr. Tucker is currently organizing the 2007 ECU Kyoto Study Tour for May of 2007. He plans to lead a group of ten ECU undergrads on a study tour of Japanese history and culture in and around Kyoto, the ancient imperial capital of Japan.

Dr. Tucker received a $5,000.00 grant from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership to fund a workshop for Greenville-Pitt County middle and high school social science teachers. The workshop, "Representations of the Feminine in Japanese Literary and Popular Culture," took place on Saturday, October 7, 2006, on the ECU campus.

He is serving as co-director of a US Department of Education, Undergraduate International and Foreign Language Studies Grant to advance Asian Studies at ECU, with Dr. Sylvie Debevec Henning, director of International Programs for HCAS.

Dr. Tucker will present a paper, "The Metaphysics of Ancestor Worship,” as part of a Confucian Religions panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Washington, D. C., November 18, 2006.

He will participate in an international workshop, Science, Philosophy and Religion in Japanese Intellectual History, at the Techny Conference Center in Chicago, March 9-11, 2007 for publication of a Sourcebook in Japanese Philosophy. The workshop is sponsored by the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan. The Sourcebook is planned for publication in 2008 by the University of Hawai'i Press. He has also been invited to work at the Nanzan Institute in June 2007 as a research fellow preparing the Sourcebook for publication.


Sylvie Debevec Henning

Dr. Henning and Dr. John Tucker of the ECU Department of History were awarded a two-year grant (2006-2008) grant ($158,000) from the US Department of Education under its Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program to develop ECU’s Asian Studies Program. Dr. Henning received another two-year grant from the IFSA Foundation ($40,000) for undergraduate scholarships to study in Eastern Europe, Russia, Eurasia or Asia during a semester or academic year. She received a third grant from the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi ($500) for a series of cultural events.

Dr. Henning is a member of the World Affairs Council of Eastern NC. She was recently named c


George Bissinger

In July 2006, Dr. Bissinger was faculty at the Oberlin Violin Acoustics Workshop (Violin Society of America sponsored) with international participants (Scandinavian and European mainly)


In September 2006, Dr. Bissinger organized the Collaborative Strad 3D violin measurement event with Polytec, Inc (German company), and USA violinmakers and Violin Society of America participants at ECU Acoustics Lab, along with CT scans with Dr. Claudio Sibata (Jenkins Cancer Center).


In February 2007 Dr. Bissinger reported on Strad 3D event at 25th International Modal Analysis Conference in Orlando


An exchange student (graduate masters program) Christina Fan from University of Heidelberg spent academic year working with him in Acoustics Laboratory.  She participated in an experiment that will be presented at International Congress on Acoustics in Sept 07.


Michael Dingfelder

Michael Dingfelder

International conferences and travel:

June 2 – June 11 2006: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. Attended the 4th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research and 17th Annual NASA Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop. Presented 1 talk and 2 posters:


·M. Dingfelder, I.G. Jorjishvili, J.A. Gersh, and L.H. Toburen,
Modeling energy depositions in trabecular bone.
Presentation given at the 4th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research and the 17th Annual NASA Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, June 5-9, 2006.

·         M. Dingfelder, I.G. Jorjishvili, and L.H. Toburen,
Heavy ion track structure simulations in liquid water and bone.
Poster presented at the 4th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research and the 17th Annual NASA Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, June 5-9, 2006, Book of Abstracts, p. 28.

·      J.A. Gersh, M. Dingfelder, and L.H. Toburen,
Modeling energy depositions in trabecular bone.
Poster presented at the 4th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research and the 17th Annual NASA Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, June 5-9, 2006, Book of Abstracts, p. 36.


June 25 – July 8 2006: Germany and Spain. Work-visit in Munich (GSF – Werner Friedland and H.G. Paretzke) and Barcelona (J.M. Fernandez-Varea and F. Salvat).


July 13 -23 2006: Beijing, China. Attended the 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Presented 1 solicited talk, 1 contributed paper:


·         M. Dingfelder,
Track structure studies and cross section calculations.
Solicited presentation given at the 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, July 16-22 2006.

·      W. Friedland, P. Jacob, H.G. Paretzke, A. Ottolenghi, F. Ballarini, and M. Dingfelder,
Simulation of ion induced radiation damage in cells.
Contribution presented by W. Friedland at the 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, July 16-23, 2006, Book of Abstracts, F2.2-0011-06.



October 21 – 28 2006: Buenos Aires, Argentina. attended the III Encuentro Sudamericano de Colisiones Inelásticas en la Materia, meeting with Silvina Segui. Presented 1 poster (in Spanish):


·         M. Dingfelder, J.M. Fernández-Varea, y Silvina Segui,
Calculo de secciones eficaces de ionización de capas internas p
or impacto de positrones usando la aproximación de Born con ondas distorsionadas.
Poster presented at the III Encuentro Sudamericano de Colisiones inelásticas de la materia, Buenos Aires, October 23-25 2006.


Gregory Lapicki

Dr. Lapicki continues to work with colleagues in Europe: Dirk Trautmann, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland; Marian Jaskola, Warsaw University, Poland; Marek Pajek and Dariusz Banas, Institute of Physics, Swietokrzyska Academy, Kielce, Poland.

He also continues to collaborate with many groups in India (listed are only of main names of workers with whom he worked recently via email, their institutions, and our most recent publications): S. BuholkaReddy, Swami Jnanananda Laboratories for Nuclear Research, Andhra University, Visakapatnam, India.; M. Sarkar, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, Bidhannagar, India, ; N. Puri, Department of Biophysics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India; L. Tribedi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Colaba, Mumbai, India. Papers with groups at Saha and Tata Institutes had also co-authors (L. Sarkadi and L. Gulyas) from Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (ATOMKI), Debrecen, Hungary.

Yong-qing Li

Dr. Yong-qing Li, Associate Professor, is collaborating with Professor Shushi Huang of Guangxi Academy of Sciences (China) on a project of Raman microscopy/mapping of biological cells. Professor Huang is currently visiting ECU for 12 months as a visiting scientist for the collaborative research. Dr. Li is a guest (honor) professor of Guangxi Normal University, located in Guilin, China.  Dr. Li attended International Quantum Electronic Conferences (IQEC) in 2000 and 2004, respectively. Dr. Li's research webpage is 

John Sutherland

Dr. John Sutherland is a member of the Facilities Access Panel (FAP) for the Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS), which is located in the village of Daresbury, Cheshire, England. The FAP meets semiannually to review proposals for access for beam time submitted by scientists from the UK, the European Union and other countries. The Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) is based on a 2 billion volt electron storage ring that is dedicated to the exploitation of Synchrotron Radiation (SR) for fundamental and applied research. The SRS offers a large mix of experimental facilities which deliver radiation with wavelengths extending from the infrared to hard X-rays. Techniques available include X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectroscopy (XAFS), small-angle/wide-angle scattering, soft X-rayspectroscopy, photoemission, and imaging. Sutherland is on the sub-panel that reviews proposals in the area of biology and medicine. He specializes in the area of circular dichroism using SR.

He is a member of the International Advisory Committee for the Fourth Generation Light Source (4GLS) project that is planning a new accelerator-based light source to be constructed at the Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire, England. This committee meets semiannually. The 4GLS facility will combine energy recovery linac (ERL) and free electron laser (FEL) technologies to deliver a suite of naturally synchronised state-of-the-art sources of synchrotronradiation and FEL radiation covering the terahertz (THz) to soft X-rayregimes. 4GLS will enable the study of real time molecular processesand reactions on timescales down to tens of femtoseconds in short-lived, nanostructured or ultra-dilute systems. The emphasis is on molecular and device function, rather than the largely "static" structural focus of work on third generation synchrotron radiation sources and X-ray FELs.

In December 2006 he lectured at the European “summer school” on circular dichroism held at Warwick University, Coventry, UK.


Richard Kilroy

Dr. Kilroy is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor in Security Studies (  and serves as President of the World Affairs Council of Eastern North Carolina ( In April 2006, he visited Vienna, Austria and spoke at the International Atomic Energy Agency on security education.  He also visited Kiev, Ukraine and Chernobyl, for the 20th anniversary of the nuclear reactor accident, with students and faculty from ECU’s Environmental Health Program.  Dr. Kilroy is also organizing an international conference in November 2006 on “Preparing for and Responding to Disasters in North America” partnering with the University of Texas, San Antonio and the Homeland Security Defense Education Consortium.  Participants from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, representing government agencies, public health, the military, and academia from all three countries will participate.  Dr. Kilroy is also editing a text book titled, Threats to Homeland Security: An All –Hazards Perspective, to be published by J. Wiley and Sons in Spring 2007.




Cathy Hall

Dr. Hall presented two papers with ECU colleagues at the Fourth International Conference on Education and Information Systems during the summer of 2006.

Hall, C. W., & Swart, W. W. (2006).  Utilizing Wireless Polling Devices to enhance classroom performance.  4th International Conference on Education and Information Systems:  Technologies and Applications  (EISTA06), Orlando, Florida, July 20-23, 2006.     


Hall, T., Hall, C., & Swart, W. (2006).  Developing software simulations.  4th International Conference on Education and Information Systems:  Technologies and Applications  (EISTA06), Orlando, Florida, July 20-23, 2006.     


EISTA2006 was an interesting conference with individuals from USA, El Salvador, Venezuela, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Columbia, Thailand, Croatia, Mexico, South Africa, and Israel in attendance.  The relationship between education/training and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) was the primary focus of the conference.  The purpose of the conference was to bring researchers and practitioners together to support the bridge between education/training and ICT communication.  The content was varied and included:  application of education technologies; application of information and communication technologies in education and training; distance learning; education and training systems and technologies; education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; education of science and engineering; educational research theories, practice and methodologies; e-learning; higher education; knowledge management; and teacher education.   The Hall, Hall, & Swart paper was chosen as being among the best 10% of the papers presented.  After further review and the addition of subsequent data, both papers were accepted in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. 




Derek F. Maher


Last September, Dr. Maher delivered a paper on historiographic method in traditional Tibetan literature at the conference of the International Association of Tibetan Studies which met in Konigswinter, Germany.  In May and June, for the second year in a row, he directed a group of sixteen students on a study abroad program to India.


Bob Edwards

During the spring of 2006, Dr. Edwards and two Sociology M.A. students, Jurgita Abromiviciute and Maria Dillard, prepared a follow-up survey to administer to the 239 rural community organizations that had responded to a previous survey in 2004. The current project was funded by grant from the International Research Exchange (IREX) and the Department of Sociology at ECU. The project was done in collaboration with Dr. Arunas Povilunas, Chair of the Department of Sociology at Vilnius University. Edwards, Abromiviciute and Dillard all travelled to Lithuania between May and July of 2006 to complete the data collection. The project was assisted by a Lithuanian undergraduate student, Vaiva Kriskute (BA Vilnius University), who has since enrolled as a graduate student at ECU pursuing the MA degree in Sociology.


[2005. United States Department of State, International Research Exchange (IREX). "Lithuanian Rural Community Organizations: Dynamics of Mobilization and Impact." Principal Investigator: Project Amount: $3,500.]

A.J. Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs spent a month in Japan in May 2006, conducting research in Tokyo and Hiroshima. In addition to research on Japanese cities, he also met with the international center and business faculty Hosei University in Tokyo in an effort to create a student exchange program between ECU and Hosei. This meeting was the continuation of an a 9-year relationship with Hosei, where Dr. Jacobs taught in 2004-05 and had a doctoral fellowship in 1998. Hosei is very interested in establish a mutual exchange program with ECU, now to get things in place we need to recruit one or two ECU students a year to go to Tokyo for a semester or year.  

He presented a paper on Tokyo at the 2006 Urban Affairs Association conference in Montreal in April 2006. Three of his recent publications related to his work in Japan are: Jacobs, A. J. (2007). “Developmental State Planning, Sub-national Nestedness, and Reflexive Public Policymaking: Keys to Employment Growth in Saitama City, Japan,” Cities, Vol. 24. In Press, available online since May 29, 2007; Jacobs, A. J. (2006), “Embedded Localities: Employment Decline, Inner City Population Growth, and Declining Place Stratification among Japan’s Mid-Size and Large Cities,”City & Community, Vol. 5, No. 3 (September), pp 269-292; Jacobs, A. J. (2005), "Has Central Tokyo Experienced Uneven Development? An Examination of Tokyo’s 23 Ku Relative to America’s Largest Urban Centers,”Journal of Urban Affairs, Vol. 27, No. 5 (December), pp. 521-555. 

Dr. Jacobs also spent a month each in Canada in the summers of 2006 and 2007, conducting research related to the grant he received from the Canadian Embassy in Washington to do a comparative study comparing the Detroit-Flint and Toronto-Hamilton industrial regions. His 100-page grant report was completed February 15, 2007 and entitled: Jacobs, A. J. (2007). Dissimilar Approach, Dissimilar Attitudes, Divergent Outcomes: A Comparison of the Detroit and Greater Toronto-Hamilton Regions:  A Research Report to the International Council for Canadian Studies and Canadian Embassy in Washington. He also presented a paper on this research during the April 2007 Urban Affairs Association conference in Seattle.

Arunas Juska

Dr. Juska continues his research on social change in Lithuania and on policing in transitional societies. He is currently engaged in two projects.  With colleagues at ECU and Vilnius University he is conducting a longitudinal survey of rural community groups in Lithuania.  This is one of the first comprehensive rural civic society surveys in the region which already resulted in a number of academic publications.  Dr. Juska’s criminology research and publications are focused on marginalization and crime in post-socialist countries. Most recently he also got involved in studying privatization of policing in the region.  Dr. Juska is actively involved in International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) activities and is scheduled to chair a panel on policing in Eastern Europe and Russia at the 2007 IPES annual conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (see

Sitawa Kimuna

Dr. Kimuna specializes in sub-Saharan issues and travels regularly to that region to conduct research. Her current research focuses on gender based violence and the sexual behavior of internal migration flows and its impact on the spread of STIs/HIV/AIDS in Africa.