Harriot College Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2005

Department of Foreign Languages/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The Foreign Language Department is offering an intensive language program in Argentina. You will be living the language 24 hours a day. In addition to earning 6 credit hours, you will participate in city tours, cultural activities, and 2 weekend trips. You will explore the country's history with visits to museums.
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Argentina and Uruguay
Department of Foreign Languages/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Students will travel to Uruguay and Argentina. They will stay two weeks in each country and will learn about the cultures and traditions of the people of Uruguay and Argentina. The program is organized around the following themes: society, education, history, politics and economics,health, food and food production, sports, arts and literature, music, agriculture and ecology, and religion. Students will read material on these topics; will interview people of different ages, various professional backgrounds, and economic status; and will visit family residences, schools, universities, hospitals, churches, etc.
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Marine Ecology/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This course will introduce students to the major ecosystems and ecological communities of the tropics and provide practical experience with marine ecology field research. This course will be intensive and field oriented, covering the coral reef, mangrove, and sea grass ecosystems. There is no substitute for visiting coral reefs and the associated mangrove and sea grass ecosystems and exploring the diversity there first hand. We will visit these ecosystems during a trip to Belize at Calabash Cay. This field station will provide laboratory and dormitory facilities and access to mangrove swamps, seagrass meadows, and coral reef areas. There will be lectures on the use of remote sensing techniques used to monitor changes in the reefs, food web models used to study the ecosystem ecology, and coastal management options. Side excursions into the interior of Belize to see rainforest and Mayan cultural sites round out the experience, allowing students to experience the great attractiveness of the Belize coast, from mountains to the sea.
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Cultural Studies/Department of English/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The program focuses on cultural studies. Students stay in Belize City and live with families and have a relationship with their fellow students in Belize. Each weekend students take excursions, such as a snorkeling trip one weekend, a trip to the Mayan ruins, and a destination the students themselves choose for the final weekend. There is an optional trip to Guatemala for those who want to connect the experience in Belize with Guatemala, including the Mayan ruins of Tikal and often students will do independent studies to compare the countries. Students may take English, Ethnic Studies, Honors Seminar and Independent Study as graduates or undergraduates.
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England (UK Midlands, the Lake District, Haworth and London)
Department of English/ Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

As part of "Locating Literary England" students will read works by area writers and visit relevant literary sites. Authors include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Brontë and Dickens. Emphasis will be placed on the way inwhich environment shapes literature and literature shapes environment-- from Shakespeare¹s England as represented in "The Merchant of Venice" and The Globe to Dickens' London where author and city continue to build meaning out of each other through David Copperfield. The course includes two (2) nights in the Lake District and six (6) nights in London, as well as day trips to the Brontë Parsonage (Wuthering Heights) and the Stamford/Burghley House. The package also includes tickets to two Shakespeare productions (one at the Globe Theater in London) and tours of Harlaxton Manor House and Dickens House, along with walking tours conducted by Professor Hecimovich.
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Department of History/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Students will devote primary attention to the nation of Ghana, both as a principal center of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and as a place that has figured prominently in the African American search for identity and post-colonial African independence. Through a survey of core readings, coupled with visits to many important sites, students will explore the historical, cultural and geographical terrain of Africans in West Africa as well as the heritage of untold millions who were captured, sold and enslaved in the Americas.
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Italy and Greece

A study of religion and culture in Italy and Greece. Students will visit important religious, historical, and archaeological sites in locations that include Rome, Pompeii, Delphi, Athens, Rhodes, Kusadasi, and Patmos. In these locations we will visit the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Temple of Apollo, Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, home of the Delphi Oracle, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and other monuments. Honors credit is possible. No prerequisites required.
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Department of History/ Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The ECU Kyoto Study Tour presents traditional Japanese history and culture to students via assigned readings, writing assignments, on-site lectures, and on-site field studies of significant locations in and around Japanese imperial capital, Kyoto. These sites include the old imperial palace, the shogun's temples in Nara (the imperial capital in the 6th century, prior to the founding of Kyoto), and Kyoto, as well as famous Shinto shrines such as the Heian Shrine, the Fushimi Inari Shrine, and Yasaka Shrine. Students will also visit the Kyoto National Museum and the Nara National Museum. Cultural activities allowing for interaction between ECU students and Japanese students at Osaka International University and Kansai Foreign studies University are planned.
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Department of English/ Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This year's Summer Study in London program brings together three faculty members with disparate areas of expertise to provide students a variety of perspectives on the culture, history, and discourse of London. Students may choose among courses in Literary London featuring writing about the city and by authors who lived and worked in it, as well as contemporary London theatre; a course in Document Design specifically created for the city and incorporating the city as both research subject and classroom; and International Public Policy, a course with exciting interdisciplinary potential that explores the discourse concerning social problems throughout the UK. While these courses are designed for undergraduate students, graduate students may participate on an individualized basis, in directed readings focusing on advanced research in these three areas of study.
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