Harriot College Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2006

The Department of Foreign Languages/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The Foreign Language Department is offering an intensive language program in Argentina. You will be living the language 24 hours a day. In addition to earning 6 credit hours you will participate in city tours, cultural activities, and two weekend trips. You will explore the country's history with visits to museums.
For more information contact Prof. Susana Castano-Schultz at or visit

The Department of English/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

As part of "Locating Literary England" students will read works by area writers and visit relevant literary sites. Authors include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Brontë and Dickens. Emphasis will be placed on the way in which environment shapes literature and literature shapes environment -- from Shakespeare's England as represented in "The Merchant of Venice" and The Globe to Dickens' London where author and city continue to build meaning out of each other through David Copperfield. The course includes two (2) nights in the Lake District and six (6) nights in London, as well as day trips to the Brontë Parsonage (Wuthering Heights) and the Stamford/Burghley House. The package also includes tickets to two Shakespeare productions (one at the Globe Theater in London) and tours of Harlaxton Manor House and Dickens House, along with walking tours conducted by Professor Hecimovich.
For more information, please contact Professor Gregg Hecimovich at or visit the web site available at:

The Department of History/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This program explores powered flight in the United States and France. It will begin on the ECU campus and continue to Paris, LeMans and the Normandy region of France for 10 days of instruction and field studies. Return to Paris for 3 days of touring museums, exhibits and collections relating to flight. For more information, contact Professor Larry Tise at

The Department of History/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Students will devote primary attention to the nation of Ghana, both as a principal center of the Atlantic Slave Trade and as a place that has figured prominently in the African American search for identity and post-colonial African independence. Through a survey of core readings coupled with visits to many important sites, students will explore the historical, cultural and geographical terrain of Africans in West Africa as well as the heritage of untold millions who were captured, sold and enslaved in the Americas.
For more information, contact Professors David Dennard at or Ken Wilburn at

Guyana, Brazil and Suriname
The Department of English/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This program focuses on language, literature, culture and religion. It provides the unique experience of a postcolonial and multicultural perspective of Guyana, Brazil and Suriname through literary exploration of fiction and theory and through practical interaction with people, writers, and places. Visit Kaierteur Falls and tour Georgetown, explore the ruins of the Old Dutch Fort and take a river safari. Take part in the anniversary celebration of independence in Guyana. Travel to Iwokrama Forest, the Amerindian villages. In Brazil stay in and tour the city of Manaus, in Suriname visit the Maroon village of Santigron on the banks of the Saramacca River, where inhabitants still live according to their traditional lifestyle. See the Amerindian village of Pikin Poika where you will visit and swim and fish in the river. For more information contact Dr. Seodial Deena at

The Department of Religious Studies/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This program will explore some of the relationships between religion and culture in a living context. You will visit a variety of key cultural sites throughout India, investigating the notion of sacred space. We will investigate religious sites that are important to Baha¹is, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and others. You will learn about Buddhist philosophy with Tibetan lamas at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, explore Tibetan music or dance at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, inquire into traditional Tibetan medical practice at the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, explore Hindu yoga or Buddhist meditation, take oral histories of local Indians and Tibetans, or pursue some other course of study that complements your major. For more information contact Dr. Derek Maher at


The Department of History, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The ECU Kyoto Study Tour presents traditional Japanese history and culture to students via assigned readings, writing assignments, on-site lectures, and on-site field studies of significant locations in and around Japanese imperial capital, Kyoto. These sites include the old imperial palace, the shogun's temples in Nara (the imperial capital in the 6th century, prior to the founding of Kyoto), and Kyoto, as well as famous Shinto shrines such as the Heian Shrine, the Fushimi Inari Shrine, and Yasaka Shrine. Students will also visit the Kyoto National Museum and the Nara National Museum. Cultural activities allowing for interaction between ECU students and Japanese students at Osaka International University and Kansai Foreign studies University are planned.Students will have until the end of Summer Session II to complete their academic assignments.
For more information, contact Dr. John Tucker at The website for the Kyoto Study Tour is located at