Harriot College Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2007

The Department of Foreign Languages/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The Foreign Language Department is offering an intensive language program in Argentina. You will be living the language 24 hours a day. In addition to earning 6 credit hours you will participate in city tours, cultural activities, and two weekend trips. You will explore the country's history with visits to museums. SSI and SSII For more information contact Prof. Susana Castano-Schultz at or visit

Cultural Studies/Department of English/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

The program focuses on cultural studies. Students stay in Belize City and live with families and have a relationship with their fellow students in Belize. Each weekend students take excursions, such as a snorkeling trip one weekend, a trip to the Mayan ruins, and a destination the students themselves choose for the final weekend. There is an optional trip to Guatemala for those who want to connect the experience in Belize with Guatemala, including the Mayan ruins of Tikal and often students will do independent studies to compare the countries. Students may take English, Ethnic Studies, Honors Seminar and Independent Study as graduates or undergraduates.
For more information, contact Professor Seodial Deena at

The Department of English/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

As part of "Locating Literary England" students will read works by area writers and visit relevant literary sites. Authors include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Brontë and Dickens. Emphasis will be placed on the way in which environment shapes literature and literature shapes environment. For more information, please contact Professor Richard Taylor at

The Department of Religious Studies/Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

This program will explore some of the relationships between religion and culture in a living context. You will visit a variety of key cultural sites throughout India, investigating the notion of sacred space. We will investigate religious sites that are important to Baha¹is, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and others. You will learn about Buddhist philosophy with Tibetan lamas at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, explore Tibetan music or dance at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, inquire into traditional Tibetan medical practice at the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, explore Hindu yoga or Buddhist meditation, take oral histories of local Indians and Tibetans, or pursue some other course of study that complements your major. For more information contact Dr. Derek Maher at