Harriot College Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2009

Dates: SS1: 5/11/09 – 6/24/09
SS2: 6/16/09 – 7/30/09
Courses offered: SPAN1003 SPAN1004
Cost: $4,121
Following the same course of study for SPAN1005 and 1004 over a 44 day period. Spanish Level II – 3rd of a 4-course sequence. Further refinement of command over basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, fosters understanding of Hispanic cultures. Spanish Level IV- 4 the course in sequence: Reading further acquaints students with life, II and culture of Hispanic world. For more information, contact Susana Castano-Schultz at
Guyana / Brazil
Dates: 5/16/09 – 6/01/09
Courses offered: ENGL3640 ENGL4360 ENGL6360
Cost: $3,980
Through the examination of issues, cultures, writers and their works, social and economic situations, and landscapes and environments students will gain a unique experience in global, postcolonial, and multicultural perspective of Guyana, and Brazil, producing a rich and universal experience of intertextuality, interdisciplinary, and multiculturalism in language, history, culture, religion, literature, and travel. For more information, contact Seodial Deena at FLYER
Dates: 5/27/09 – 8/03/09
Courses offered: SPAN1001-04 SPAN2222 SPAN2330 SPAN2441 SPAN3220 SPAN3330 SPAN3700
Cost: $5,200
Students and Director to Mexico City, tour various sites there, and then go to Guadalajara by charter bus. In Guadalajara, the students will stay with host families and take classes through Universidad de Guadalajara’s CEPE. For more information, contact Paul Fallon
Dates: 6/27/09 – 7/27/09
Courses offered: ENGL4530 ENGL4540
Cost: $4,570
The goals of the program are to immerse in Irish literature, history and culture while living in the County Wicklow countryside not far from Dublin, a major European capital. Ireland has an ancient and rich history central to European culture, arts and especially English letters. Ireland’s cultural wealth is in ample evidence both in their literature as well as ubiquitous monuments of archaeological value that dot the landscape (more per square mile than in any other European country). The program will focus on the historical development of Irish-Culture and letters (including a historical survey of Irish literature), ranging from the prehistoric through the medieval and renaissance and into modernity. Outside the classroom, we will visit many sites and monuments in the neighborhood of Wicklow (which as a rich history) and farther afield, especially in twentieth-century, is so interwoven with the cultural, linguistic and geographic fabric of European capital. Other great Irish writers such as Edmund Spenser, Jonathan Swift, Maria Edgeworth, W. B. Yeats and Seamus Heaney frequently refer to Irish monuments, landscapes and issues in their work. For this reason an extended visit to their county is highly valuable as a means of tracing Ireland’s past as well as understanding both its exciting future and its ongoing literary creativity. For more information, contact Thomas Herron
Dates: 5/21/09 - 6/09/09
Courses offered: ART6500 ART6515 ART3500 ART3515
Cost: $4,700
Students will experience the bustling urban environment of London by visiting historic sites, museums and contemporary art galleries. They will visit historic sites related to the Glasgow Four and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glashow, Scotland, will experience the urban life and art of Edinburgh, and will travel through the Scottish highlands. Throughout these experiences students will investigate first hand the contemporary and historic contexts in which graphic design and art of England and Scotland. Finally, through photography, journaling, collecting the ephemera of daily life, writing and designing, students will document their travels, and the history and contemporary state of art and design in England and Scotland. For more information, contact Annie Hogan at
Dates: 7/03/09 - 7/26/09
Courses offered: ANTH3176 ANTH3177
Cost: $4,150
During this study abroad experience, in addition to seeing many of the spectacular sights Peru is famous for, students will have the opportunity to learn from traditional shamans, live and work in an Andean village and interact with fellow students at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyol UUSIL) in Lima, Peru. For more information, contact Jami Leibowitz at FLYER
Panama - Marine Biology
Dates: 7/01/09 - 7/31/09
Courses offered: BIOL4500 CRM6300
Cost: $3,789
Marine Field Biology BIOL 4500 4CR-This course will introduce undergraduate students to the major marine ecosystems and communities of the tropics and provide practical experience with marine ecology field research. This course will be an intensive and field-oriented, covering the coral reef, mangrove, and sea grass ecosystems of the world. Swimming and snorkeling required. Perquisites: BIOL 2550 (Ecology) or consent of the instructor. Case studies of Coastal Management Issues (CRM6300 3 cr hr) - Graduate student teams with varying backgrounds examine application of scientific data to specific coastal issues of concern to coastal management agencies and private sector organizations. For more information, contact Joseph Luczkovich at
Panama - Terrestrial Biology
Dates: 6/30/09 - 7/15/09
Courses offered: BIOL4400 BIOL4504
Cost: $3,433
A program of undergraduate and graduate biology courses designed to introduce students to Panama's terrestrial and marine biota at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Laboratories. For more information, contact Joseph Luczkovich SLIDES
5/15/09 – 6/07/09
Courses offered: ASIA2000 ASIA4000 MULT3500 MULT4999 RELI2692 RELI2693 PHIL3692 RELI3930 RELI4500 RELI5000 PHIL5533
Cost: $3,433
This course will explore some of the relationships between religion and culture in a living context.  Students will visit a variety of key cultural and religious sites in India, including the Jama Masjid, the Bahai Temple, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges River and various Hindu Temples in Varanasi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh, as well as a variety of Buddhist sites throughout the Dharamsala region.  These sites are sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Bahais.  Through readings, on-site lectures, and their own experience, students will learn the significance of these locations.  They will also discover how adherents to these different faiths encounter their own sacred territory and how their cultural forms intersect with these spaces.  In Rishikesh, students will participate in a two-day yoga training course at a Hindu ashram.  In the Dharamsala (population: 10,000) region in northern India, students will participate in a two-day Buddhist meditation training program.  The group will spend two days doing volunteer work at a NGO called Tong-len.  This organization is a Buddhist service organization with the primary mission of serving internally displaced Hindu members of the community.  Students will also visit various Tibetan cultural institutions including the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Norbu Lingka, and various monasteries. For more information, contact Derek Maher
Dates: 5/29/09 - 6/20/09
Courses offered: ENGL4550/7165 ENGL3895/6725 ENGL4950/6516 ENGL4350/6940
Cost: $2,800
Literary London: Survey of British literary history focusing on London as a center of literary productivity and the influence of place on the writers and writings the city has produced. Students will read a range of works in which London fares prominently as setting and cultural milieu, and they will visit places that have provided backdrops for the great imaginative works of British dramatists, poets, and novelists. For more information, contact Richard Taylor FLYER