Consulting and Research Services for Private and Government Agencies

Criminal Justice Agency Support Services

The Department of Criminal Justice provides educational and contractual research and development services to justice-related agencies.

Educational Advancement

Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees
-- Master of Science in Criminal Justice (online)
-- Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Research and Development

Research design and implementation
-- Strategic or planned research

Researchers provide turnkey evidence-based results including research planning/design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Studies can be conducted within the agency, among its constituents, or in the community to meet accreditation requirements or guide strategic planning, decision-making, operation, and policy.

-- Program assessment and evaluation

Researchers analyze and evaluate existing programs, such as need assessment, employee selection, personnel training, or program implementation.

Program or grant development

Researchers develop tailored programs/applications or recommend best practices in needed areas.  Researchers assist in locating and preparing proposals for grant or external funding to support agency research or operation.

Training Development and Instruction

Professional development training in areas such as leadership, risk assessment, ethics, effective communication, and evidence-based decision making

Training curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation

Instructor and instructional pedagogical enhancement

Student Engagement

Student internship and field experience

Employment networking and placement assistance