Faculty and Staff Directory


Dr. William P. Bloss, Professor and Chair 

Dr. James F. Anderson, Professor                            Dr. G. Mark Jones, Professor

Dr. Heidi S. Bonner, Associate Professor                   Mr. Chad R. Jordan, Teaching Instructor

Mr. Ryan M. Cox, Teaching Instructor                       Dr. John J. Kerbs, Associate Professor

Dr. Janne E. Gaub, Assistant Professor                    Dr. Michele L. Stacey, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Keri Fox Grimsley, Teaching Instructor              Dr. Jonathan Sorensen, Professor

                                                                           Dr. Scott Walfield, Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty


Courts & Law                                    Corrections & Juvenile Justice

Matthew Davenport, JD                                 Rodney Moore, MS

Caroline Webb, JD                                    Stephen Roberts, MS

Peter Romary, JD                                      John Rodriguez, PhD

                                                               Tiffany Vaughan, MS


Forensic Science                                 Law Enforcement

Robert Evans, MS                                        Richard Allsbrook, MS

Jonathan Lee, MJA                                       Joseph Bartlett, MPA


Policy & Administration                     Security Administration

Megan Davidson, PhD                                  Robert Stagg, MS

Emeriti Faculty

James R. Bruner, JD, Associate Professor Emeritus

William C. Smith, EdD, Professor Emeritus

David B. Stevens, JD, Professor Emeritus

Administrative Staff

Jenna Smith, Lead Administrative Support Associate

Bradley M. Fornes, Administrative Support Associate