Program Overview

Our mission is to educate the next generation of criminal justice leaders

The Department of Criminal Justice offers Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, and minors in forensic science and criminal justice. Additionally, we participate in multidisciplinary programs in security studies, public management and leadership with other university departments. Our degree programs prepare students for careers in the criminal justice professions or advanced study. Courses are taught by exceptional faculty with diverse teaching and research experience in law enforcement, forensic science, homeland security, criminology, juvenile delinquency, law, corrections, transnational crime and terrorism, and organized crime, just to name a few.  Many faculty members have criminal justice practitioner experience and are internationally or nationally recognized scholars. We have extraordinary learning and leadership opportunities that enable interested students to participate in the national criminal justice honor society, student organizations, field experience and internship, international study abroad, foreign student exchange, independent study, and faculty-student research programs.

East Carolina University has a longstanding tradition of excellence in higher education and is an academic leader in teaching and research. We offer a number of degree or minor programs in criminal justice, forensic science, and allied fields. Our students get to interface with peers, dynamic faculty, and the university community while studying in a vibrant criminal justice department.

  • We offer Master’s, graduate Certificates, Bachelor’s, undergraduate minors, and Forensic Science programs of study;
  • We have outstanding faculty with a broad spectrum of criminal justice, forensic science,  and interdisciplinary expertise;
  • Our award winning teacher-scholar faculty are committed to effective learning and student success; and
  • A complete range of academic support and extra-curricular activities including academic advising, course tutoring, career planning, student organization, international study,  faculty-student research project, and distinguished alumni programs are available.