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Natalie Kahn
nkNatalie was born in San Diego. Her family moved to the High Desert region of Southern California when she was five years old and she grew up aside Joshua trees & jack rabbits on the San Andreas Fault. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at California State University, with a concentration that ping-ponged between Spanish Studies and English, finally landing in Art. She earned a TESOL certificate, and after graduating, traveled to Peru, a dream move come true. In Lima, Natalie taught English for in a variety of settings, while continuing to acquire her second language of Spanish. Currently, she is concentrating in Professional Communications and Human Geography in the MAIS program. Natalie serves as the Early Literacy Coordinator at Martin/Pitt Partnership for Children. She works with approximately 200 preschool children to improve their emergent literacy skills, to engage their families in this process and to enrich their lives with opportunities to learn about the world. After she completes the MAIS program, Natalie will be seeking more international opportunities for her career in education. Natalie loves to read and to garden. Her favorite room is the kitchen. Being active and outdoors is her first choice though, whether it be walking her dogs, bicycling the Greenway, practicing yoga, or even better, taking rare but treasured rock climbing trips.