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Yana Bardashevich
ybYana is originally from a small provincial Russian town. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Teaching English and German as a Second Language in Kirov, a capital city of the region where her hometown is. In Spring 2012 Yana came to the ECU Graduate School to study in the International Studies Program with a concentration in Business. This is her third time in the United States. Previously, she participated in the Work and Study Programs in Florida; in Miami in 2008 and Orlando at Disney World in 2011. Since that time she has been working as a Graduate Assistant at the Office of International Affairs (OIF) and for Dr. Rai d’Honoré at the Language Academy that is affiliated with the OIF. For the last two semesters Yana has been collaborating with Dr. Alyson Eggleston and Dr. Rai d’Honoré to develop an ESL Entrance/Exit Exam. Yana is an Executive Assistant for the GSAIS organization. She also is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, German Club, Sailing Club and Sustainable Tourism Centre at ECU. Yana is meeting her field experience requirements in the United States as she is a foreign student. She lives with an American family and enjoys traveling around the country. She presented at a non-profit NGO conference in Boulder, Colorado in 2012. Yana has also traveled to New York City, Washington DC, Charleston, SC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania and spent two weeks in Cuba on an ECU summer study abroad program. In addition to Russian and English Yana also speaks German. Yana is graduating from the Program spring 2013 and is seeking to find a job in an international organization that would fully utilize her language and international skills and also incorporates her desire to work with people from different cultures. Yana’s hobbies include travelling, biking, hiking, backpacking and sailing. The next country Yana would like to visit is Germany.