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MA in International Studies does not give graduate credit directly for experiential learning (prior or current). Credit is given on the basis of the field experience portfolio.

  • Portfolio must be graduate level work, not simple recording or experiences
    (diary, journal) or travelogue.


  • Portfolio comprises:
    - Statement of intent
    - 3-4 essays involving analysis of cultural
      significant aspects of field experience
    - Final outcome summary
    - Documentation


  • Goals of field experience portfolio:
    - Processing intellectually what happened
      during the field experience.
    - Bringing concepts, theories, ideas, etc.,
      from core MA in International Studies courses to bear on
      aspects of field experience.
    - Greater understanding of self and


  • Students are encouraged to write multiple drafts of essays and they receive written feedback on each draft. Goal of revisions is to push students to be more analytical and more introspective.



  • Required reading: Writing Across Culture: An Introduction to Study Abroad and the Writing Process, Kenneth Wagner and Tony Magistrale, Peter Lang Publishing Co, 1995.