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The Master of Arts in International Studies is an exciting and innovative interdisciplinary program. 

The MA in International Studies program will provide you with many benefits:

Unlike other international studies programs, the
MA in International Studies  program focuses on the process and dynamics of international intercultural understanding. It is specifically designed to prepare you to interact more effectively with persons from other cultures, particularly in professional settings.

The MA in International Studies program is truly interdisciplinary and draws its strength from the cooperation of several departments in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences and various professional schools and colleges. Each of the four MA in International Studies core courses you will take features a different discipline (anthropology, geography, political science, global and multicultural discourse). You can choose from a range of concentrations, e.g., business, international public administration, Hispanic Studies, public health, international education, security studies, economic development, or design your own.

The MA in International Studies program has a solid core of required courses and a great deal of flexibility in the design of its concentrations. The core courses provide you with global perspectives on the interrelations between economic, political, cultural and environmental systems in the world. They also cultivate your skills in communications across cultures, conflict resolution as well as knowledge of professional practices. The four-course concentrations allow you to acquire essential skills in a professional discipline, to pursue interdisciplinary study of a major international issue, and to enhance your knowledge of a world region. The international field experience gives you first-hand knowledge of another culture.

MA in International Studies students come from across the US and around the world. They represent many races and ethnicities. MA in International Studies students also represent the full spectrum of political positions, religions, ideologies, ethnic groups, and life experience. Each student brings a different perspective to the various program components. This diversity contributes to the richness of life in the MA in International Studies Program. photos

You will draw upon the international expertise and contacts of a large and diverse faculty that includes experts on many regions of the world. The Office of International Affairs coordinates a growing range of field experiences for students.

Graduates of the MA in International Studies program have found success in a wide variety of fields where their skills in understanding and working with people from other countries and cultures have served them well. MA in International Studies students have gone on to careers in: 

  • International management and marketing for multinational corporations in computer software, cosmetics, and industrial technology
  • Government service in foreign affairs and regional development
  • Public education
  • International organizations
  • International education administration
  • Health fields
  • Journalism covering international news, travel, and economics
  • Military service 
  • Advocacy for environmental organizations
  • Law enforcement agencies

MA in International Studies graduates have also been accepted for further graduate study in medicine, law, business, political science, geography, and history.


Dr. Sylvie Debevec Henning, Director
MA in International Studies Program
International Programs, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
East Carolina University
Ragsdale 116B

Dr. Lester A. Zeager, Acting Director (Summers)
MA in International Studies
East Carolina University
Department of Economics
Brewster A434