The MA degree in Maritime Studies requires a total of 36 semester hours. 26 semester hours must be taken in History. The student may take the additional 10 semester hours in History or related fields outside the department. 6 credits are for the thesis which is required of all students. MA candidates must pass either a language examination/course, or a quantitative methods course.

The courses listed below are a part of the curriculum offered to fulfill the requirements of the MA degree in Maritime Studies. A large selection of history and related courses are available. For information on course requirements see the latest ECU Graduate Catalog or the graduate advisor.

Students who plan to pursue the underwater archaeology aspect of the program must complete the Scientific Diving course in order to participate in the field schools. The course provides the diver with the AAUS scientific diver certification and NAUI Nitrox certification. Further information about the course and recommended dive gear can be found at the Diving and Water Safety site.

Students are expected to complete all requirements (including thesis) for the MA within six (6) calendar years of their commencement. A one or two-year extension is possible for students who are "working in the field." The Graduate School in enforcing a "no-exceptions" rule that any coursework 10 years or older must be repeated.

A selection of courses offered by the Maritime Studies faculty can be found by clicking on the links below.

History Courses

HIST5505 - Maritime History of the Western World to 1415

HIST5520 - Maritime History of the Western World since 1815

HIST5920 - Techniques of Museum and Historic Site Development

HIST6805 - History of Theory of Nautical Archaeology

HIST6010 - Maritime History of the Atlantic World, 1415-1815

HIST6525 - Sea Power, 480 BC to the Present

HIST6840 - Conservation of Material from an Underwater Environment

HIST6845 - Advanced Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation

HIST6890 - Ship Reconstruction

HIST5970 - Living History

HIST5985 - Historic Preservation Planning

HIST6080 - Studies in European Maritime History and Archaeology

HIST6810 - History of Marine Architecture and Ship Construction

HIST6820 - Research Methods in Nautical Archaeology

HIST6825 - American Maritime Material Culture

HIST6835 - Advanced Methods for Maritime Archaeology

HIST6885 - Recording Watercraft

Field Schools

HIST5530 - Field School in Maritime History and Underwater Archaeology

HIST6850 - Field Research in Maritime History

Coastal Studies

COAS6000 - Scientific Diving