Program in Maritime Studies Reports

Published Occasionally by the Program in Maritime Studies. Printed copies of recent reports are normally available for purchase until sold out, after which time they will be available on this page.

# Year Title Author
01 1986 An Investigation of Blossom's Ferry on the Northeast Cape Fear River G.P. Watts and W.K. Hall
02 1994 The Submerged Cultural Resources of Swansboro R.A. Stephenson and W.N. Still, Jr., (eds.)
03 ? Currently Unknown
04 1990 An Investigation of the Remains of the Confederate Gunboat CSS Chattahoochee G.P. Watts, Jr., R. Stephenson, W.N. Still, Jr., W.K. Hall, B.A Rodgers, K. Bequette, D. Beard, K. Foster
05 1987 Sir Walter Raleigh's Roanoke Colony: A Remote Sensing Reconnaissance Survey, 1987 G. Watts
06 1988 1986 - 1987 Archaeological Survey of the Schooner Fleetwing Site, 47 DR168, Garrett Bay, Wisconsin D.J. Cooper
07 1992 The James River Bateau: Tobacco Transport in Upland Virginia 1745 - 1840 B.G. Terrell
08 1993 The Seaport, Table Bay: An Archaeological and Historical Perspective L.B. Harris
09 1997 The Cypress Landing Shipwreck of Chocowinity Bay: A North Carolina Sail Flat (An Archaeological and Historical Study) A.M. Merriman
10 1995 The 1995 Predisturbance Wreck Site Investigation at Claflin Point, Little Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin B.A. Rodgers
11 2003 Of Limestone and Labor Shipwrecks of the Stone Trade: The 1999 Bullhead Point Stone Barge Investigation B.A. Rodgers and R.T. Green
12 2003 The Bones of a Bulk Carrier: The History and Archaeology of the Wooden Bulk Carrier/Stone Barge City of Glasgow B.A. Rodgers
13 2006 Oaken Whale with a Cast Iron Tail: The Single-Decked Wooden Bulk Carrier Monohansett Claire P. Dappert
14 2006

The Castle Island Ships' Graveyard: The History and Archaeology of Eleven Wrecked and Abandoned Watercraft

B.A. Rodgers, N. Richards, F.H. Price, B. Clayton, D. Pietruszka, H. White, and S. Williams
15 2006 The 1996 Anguilla Shipwreck Survey, Anguilla, British West Indies, September, 1996 B.A. Rodgers, F. Cantelas, J. Bowdoin, R.L. Hayes, L. Hermley, and L. Lentz
16 2006 Shipwrecks of St. John: ECU Investigations of Submerged Cultural Resources in the USVI National Park, 2002 B.A. Rodgers, F. Cantelas, N. Richards, A. Corbin, E. Seltzer, A. Pietruszka, K. Meverden, S. Seeb, and A. Weir
17 2006 From Quarry to Quay: Shipwrecks of McCracken's Cove, The 2001-2002 Sturgeon Bay Wreck and Wharf Investigations at the Birmingham Site B.A. Rodgers, J.D. Moore III, A. Corbin, J.D. Piero and A. Pietruszka, N. Richards, S. Seeb, B. Diveley, and M. Liss
18 2007 Virtual Modeling and 3D Photogrammetry for Maritime Heritage: Exercises in EOS Photomodeler 5.0 N. Richards, S. Seeb, B. Diveley, M. Liss
19 2007 The Missing Link Between Sail and Steam: Steambarges and the Joys of Door County, Wisconsin Dina Bazzill
20 2008 The Legal Choice in a Cultural Landscape: An Explanatory Model of the Roanoke River, North Carolina
Adam D. Friedman
21 2012 The Scuppernong River Project, Volume 1: Explorations of Tyrrell County Maritime History
N. Richards, D. Bera, S. Bisbee, J. Bright, D. Brown, D. Buttaro, J. O'Neill and W. Schilling
22 2015 The Scuppernong River Project, Volume 2: An Exploration of Tyrrell County Maritime Cultural Resources
N. Richards, D. Brown, S. Bisbee
23 2016 Boats of Currituck: An Analysis of Six Watercraft from the Whalehead Preservation Trust Collection
Edited by N. Richards and D. Stewart