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Ann M. Merriman

North Carolina Schooners, 1815-1901, And The S. R. Fowle And Son Company Of Washington, North Carolina.

(Under the direction of Professor Donald H. Parkerson) Department of History, 1996.

This thesis examines the use of nineteenth century merchant trading schooners in North Carolina.  A quantitative study of nineteenth century domestic trade enrollments and foreign trade registrations for North Carolina's seven minor ports demonstrates that merchants and mariners most often used schooners for their maritime transportation.  An examination of the records of an important nineteenth century Washington, North Carolina merchant and shipper Samuel Richardson Fowle, supports this assertion.  Detailed invoices from Fowle's mercantile and shipping firm recorded the onloading of the state's major manufactured and agricultural products, depicting the nature of North Carolina's nineteenth century trade.  Moreover, an examination of S. R. Fowle's ledgers corroborates data compiled from North Carolina's certificates of enrollment and registry, and serves as a model for nineteenth century schooner use in North Carolina.