Jason Raupp

Raupp Profile
Phone: 252-328-1966
Office: Eller House #103
Email: rauppj14@ecu.edu
    Ph.D. Archaeology, Flinders University
    M.A. History and Historical Archaeology, University of West Florida
    B.A. Anthropology, Northwestern State University

Jason Raupp is the Staff Archaeologist for the Program in Maritime Studies. Over the past twenty years he has been involved with maritime and terrestrial archaeological research projects in the US, West Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific region. He has extensive experience in public and private sector cultural heritage management, as well as diving and boating safety. Before moving to Greenville in 2013, Jason lived in Australia where he worked as the Technical Officer for Flinders University's Department of Archaeology and later as a consultant archaeologist/historian for cultural heritage management firms, heritage agencies, and museums around the country. His research interests include historical and maritime archaeology of the Pacific Ocean, culture contact, historic fisheries, military technologies, battlefield studies, and contact-period rock art. His current research focuses on early to mid-nineteenth century pelagic whaling and the industrial aspects of the ships employed in the Pacific whale fishery.

Selected Publications

2015:   Jennifer McKinnon, Sarah Nahabedian, and Jason T. Raupp. "A Welcome Addition: Investigation of a Colonial Period Shipwreck in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands." International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (DOI:10.1111/1095-9270.12140). 

2015:   Raupp, Jason T., Jennifer F. McKinnon, Peter Harvey and John D. San Nicolas. "The Archaeological Survey of Submerged WWII heritage: A Multi-Agency Approach." In Pacific Battlescapes: Underwater Archaeology of the WWII Battle of Saipan. Jennifer McKinnon and Toni Carrell (eds.), Springer Press.

2014:   Raupp, Jason T. "Maritime Archaeology of the Pacific Ocean." Substantive Entry in Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, Claire Smith and Jo Smith, editors. Springer Press, NY.  

2013:   McKinnon, Jennifer, Daryl Wesley, Jason T. Raupp, and Ian Moffat. "Geophysical Investigations at the Anuru Bay Trepang Site: A New Approach to Locating Macassan Archaeological Sites in Northern Australia." Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 37:106-112. 

2012:   Wesley, Daryl, Jennifer F. McKinnon, and Jason T. Raupp. "Sails Set in Stone: A Technological Analysis of Non-Indigenous Watercraft Rock Art Paintings in North Western Arnhem Land." Journal of Maritime Archaeology 7(2):245-269. 

2011:   Raupp, Jason T., Suzanne Finney and Kelly Gleason. "Multidisciplinary Research Potential for Whaling Heritage in the Pacific Region." In Proceedings of the Inaugural Asian Academy for Heritage Management Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage. Manila, Philippines. 

2011:   McKinnon, Jennifer F. and Jason T. Raupp. "Potential for Spanish Colonial Archaeology in the Northern Mariana Islands." In Proceedings of the Inaugural Asian Academy for Heritage Management Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage. Manila, Philippines. 

2010:   Raupp, Jason T., Cosmos Coroneos and Jennifer McKinnon. "Excavation and Relocation of the Former Hovell Pile Light." In Public, Professionals and Preservation: Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Vicki Richards and Jennifer McKinnon (eds.), pp. 77-85. PAST Foundation Publications, Columbus, OH. 

2010:   Raupp, Jason T. and Kelly Gleason. "Submerged Whaling Heritage in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument." Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 34:67-76. 

2009:   May, Sally K., Jennifer McKinnon and Jason T. Raupp. "Boats on Bark: An Analysis of Groote Eylandt Bark Paintings featuring Macassan Praus from the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition." International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 38(2):369-385. 

2008:   Viduka, Andrew and Jason T. Raupp. "Research, Cultural Tourism and Diver Education: The Undersea Explorer Expedition 2007." Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 32:20-26. 

2008:   Moffat, Ian and Jason T. Raupp. "A New Approach to Investigating Shipwreck Sites in Littoral Environments: Multi-Technique Geophysical Investigations of Port Elliot, South Australia." Technical Briefs in Historical Archaeology 3:1-7. 

2007:   Raupp, Jason T. "Fish On: Pensacola's Red Snapper Fishery." Florida Historical Quarterly, 85(3):324-341. 

2007:   Moffat, Ian, Jason T. Raupp and David Van Zandt. "Attention to Detail: Geophysical and Historical Investigations around Port Elliot, South Australia." In A Year in Review: 2006 Program in Maritime Archaeology, Jennifer McKinnon and Jason Raupp (eds.), pp. 72-81. Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Manuscript Series no. 13. Shannon Research Press, Adelaide, SA.