Matthew A. Russell

An Historical and Archaeological Investigation of Three Beached Shipwreck Scatters at Channel Islands National Park.

(Under the direction of Professor Bradley A. Rodgers) Department of History, January 1996.

This thesis documents archaeologically and historically three beached shipwreck scatters in Channel Islands National Park, California. During the fall and winter of 1993-1994, archaeological investigation and analysis of these shipwrecks were conducted at Channel Islands National Park. The sites were systemically tested to determine association with three Pacific coast lumber schooners, built by the Hall Brothers Shipyard of Puget Sound. This report demonstrates that, even though the wreck scatters offer only a scant material record, it is possible to interpret disarticulated vessel components and determine whether these scatters represent remains of the Hall Brothers' schooners.

The vessels, Dora Bluhm, Comet, and J. M. Colman, are placed in the historical context of the nineteenth century Pacific coast lumber trade, and the evolution of a distinct vessel-type, the Pacific coast lumber schooner, is analyzed. In addition, each schooner's role in the lumber trade is discussed. Finally, management recommendations are offered to assist National Park Service resource managers in the ongoing interpretation and preservation of these archaeological resources.