Jennifer J. Watts

Archaeological Investigation of the Workboat Widgeon: A Chesapeake Bay Schooner.

(Under the direction of Professor Lawrence E. Babits) Department of History, May 2000.

The purpose of this thesis is to document the remains of a shipwreck found in Grover's Creek Cove, St. Leonard's Creek, Calvert County, Maryland. The vessel was originally thought to be a Jeffersonian gunboat, however, this impression quickly changed, and it was later classified a Chesapeake Bay workboat. Several types of vessels originated on the Chesapeake and were purpose built for the particular trade in which they served. The identity of the Grover's Creek Cove vessel remained unresolved until the summer of 1999. This thesis identifies the Grover's Creek Cove vessel as the Chesapeake Bay centerboard schooner Wideon, by posing questions and hypotheses and eliminating all other possible vessel types. In addition, this thesis presents a discussion of Chesapeake Bay craft development and construction, and documents the various industries that used these boats.