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The Department of Mathematics Scholarship Program is designed to provide encouragement and public recognition to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. The program is supported by generous contributions from individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations. The scholarships range from $100 to $500 per year and are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Students can file a General Scholarship application for the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics opportunities as well as any number of other campus based opportunities via ECUAWard.  The on-line scholarship portal is located at  The attached document illustrates how to use the system.  If you have questions while in ECUAWard, please email for assistance. Click Here for ECUAWard Application Directions.

Outstanding Senior Award:

This award is presented to the graduating Mathematics or Mathematics Education major chosen by the Department Awards Committee as the best overall Mathematics B. A. or B. S. major.

Eron-Vittitow Scholarship:

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Mary Eron and Dr. Joseph Vittitow, instructors in the Department of Mathematics. This scholarship supports full-time students enrolled in the Department of Mathematics.

Pignani-Archer Scholarship:

Dr. Tullio Pignani was a distinguished faculty member and chairman of this department. This scholarship was funded by his wife in his honor. Ms. Dee Archer Alley served with distinction as a secretary in this department. This scholarship was funded by Mrs. Alley in memory of her mother. The recipient of this scholarship is the graduating Mathematics major with the highest overall grade point average since the last May graduation.

John B. Davis Award:

Dr. John Davis was a distinguished faculty member in this department, was Director of Institutional Research, and also worked with the General Administration in Chapel Hill. The recipient is to have a background and interest in Statistics.

Mathematics Education Scholarship:

A group of distinguished Mathematics Education faculty members in this department wrote a lab manual for a course in which it was determined that there was not a satisfactory text. They generously decided that all profits from this endeavor would go to fund this scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship must be Mathematics Education majors with a minimum GPA of 3.00 overall and in mathematics, who have been accepted for admission to the Upper Division in Teacher's Education.

University Book Exchange Scholarship:

Mr. Jack Edwards is owner of the University Book Exchange, known by most as UBE. This is one of the many ways that Mr. Edwards and his family have chosen to thank the university community for its patronage. The recipients are to be full-time undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Mathematics and with academic merit.

Gravely Foundation Scholarship:

The Gravely Foundation is located in Rocky Mount North Carolina and contributes funds each year to East Carolina University to be used for student scholarships. The Department of Mathematics is one of those departments chosen to receive funds. The recipients are to be rising juniors, seniors or graduate students and have academic excellence, financial need, or qualities of good citizenship and dedication to their profession.

University Award - Robert L. Wright Alumni Leadership Award:

Each Department on campus is allowed to nominate one student as its candidate for the University Award. The selection is based on scholarship and participation in community activities. The winners of the University Award are recognized at Commencement.

Ji and Li Family Foundation Fund:

The Ji and Li Family Foundation fund shall provide scholarship support to full-time students who have declared a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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