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Graduate Course Rotation Plan

Graduate students in the M.A. program should use the following tentative course rotation as they plan their programs. Independent studies are discouraged and substitutions will be reserved for situations where courses are canceled due to small enrollment or where schedule conflicts are unavoidable.

Courses are scheduled over one semester prior to the time they are offered. Thus if you would like to request that a certain course be offered you must make your request early.



    MATH 5101 - Advanced Calculus I     

        MATH 5322 - Foundations of Math

MATH 5774 - Programming for Research

 MATH 5801 - Probability Theory   

 MATH 6011 - Modern Algebra I 

MATH 6500 - Special Topics

MATH 6651 - Introduction to Topology

Math 6804 - Stochastic Processes

BIOS 7550 - Applied Multivariate Analysis

ECON 5000 - 001 - SAS Programming

PHYS 5311 - Mathematical Physics I



MATH 5002 - Logic for Math and Computer Science

MATH 5031 - Applied Statistical Analysis

MATH 5101 - Advanced Calculus I

 MATH 5102 - Advanced Calculus II

MATH 6001 - Matrix Algebra

MATH 6111 - Introduction to Complex Variables I

 MATH 6121 - Real Variables I

MATH 6271 - Teaching Collegiate Mathematics

 MATH 6805 - Topics in Mathematical Statistics



MATH 5021 - Theory of Numbers

MATH 5101 - Advanced Calculus I

MATH 5131 - Deterministic Methods in Operations Research