Math Summer Bridge Program

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What is the Math Summer Bridge Program?

The Math Summer Bridge Program is an online program that helps prepare incoming students for their first math course at ECU. Students in this program will register for and use ALEKS. ALEKS is an artificially intelligent assessment and learning system that uses adaptive questioning to determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know.

What Materials are needed for this Program?

  • ALEKS Summer Bridge Access Package (available for purchase at Dowdy Student Store)
  • ALEKS class code by Math Course:
    • Math 1064/1065: FAJ36-6HCPP
    • Math 1066/1074/1083/2121/2171/2151: MKMJF-UHNVL
  • A computer/laptop with internet connection

Who Should Participate in this Program?

Any student can self-select to participate in the Math Summer Bridge Program. The program is designed for the following types of incoming students:

  • A student that wishes to begin in a math course higher than the course his/her ACT/SAT score placed him/her into.
  • A student that needs a fresher in math before taking his/her first math course at ECU (i.e. a freshman student that did not take a math course during his/her last semester of high school).
  • A student that struggles with math.

Why Should I Participate in this Program?

If you haven't had a math course in over a semester or if you struggled with math in the past, then participating in this program will give you an opportunity to refresh your math foundational skills and increase your chance of success in your first math course at ECU.

If your ACT/SAT score places you in a math course that does not count towards your major, then taking a remedial math course will cost you money (tuition & books) and time (may postpone graduation date). Participating in this program will give you an opportunity to self- remediate and then take a placement test to determine if you are now ready for your major required math course. The placement test for all Math Summer Bridge participants will be Friday August 17th at 10am in the CAVE (located in the basement of Joyner Library). You will need to bring your ECU 1Card.


Please contact Mrs. Talbert ( if you have any questions about the Math Summer Bridge Program.

Helpful Videos:

Introduction to ALEKS

How to Get Registered for ALEKS - Do not enter your Banner ID or SS Number when registering. You can make up a Student ID number for ALEKS (it can be any length and any combination of numbers). You will not need to remember this number.

What are Knowledge Checks

How to Review Topics in ALEKS

Prerequisite Topic vs Goal Topic

Why Are Some Topics Locked in ALEKS

What is Open Pie Mode